5 Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking

Finally, your website is complete! For you, this was the final piece of the puzzle. You run a successful business with high profit margins. Your company is doing quite well. and you didn’t even have a website.  Your customers have been asking you for months and months, Why don’t you have a website? Well you can put that to rest now.

You found a viable website development company to create your website. Best part, they gave you a great deal! Time to sit back and watch the orders come in. A month goes by and you still haven’t received any extra orders or leads based off your website. That’s okay, it takes about a month for Google and other search engines to locate your website. Six months pass and you still haven’t received any orders off your website. Your existing customers love your website, granted they don’t use it, but they love that you finally have a website. Your existing customers know where to find your website, your potential customers can’t find your website. Your website isn’t ranking.  You start to wonder, why did I spend money on a website? You didn’t spend money on a website just for the image. You spent money on a website to drive sales and give information to potential customers so they will buy your product.

5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Ranking

  1. Not So Social Media- Four out of five Small Business Websites don’t have Social Media Links. The most utilized social media sites for businesses are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. Links for these sites should be on the top page of your front page. Think of Social Media as another way of advertising (for free). Why wouldn’t you put these links somewhere noticeable to the random eye? OneCom Media will certainly do that for you. Typically the problem isn’t as simple as this, usually there is a specific reason the Social Media links aren’t available. It’s because the company doesn’t have organized Social Media pages and are afraid of what potential customers will think. You can’t become detached from your Social Media accounts. If you are too busy and need assistance with Social Media, OneCom Media offers a variety of discounted packages to keep your Social Media up to date.
  2. Content is Paper Thin- If you don’t write enough content per article, Google is never going to locate you to rank you. Your main goal is rank high with Google so when people type in your keywords your company appears on the front page of google. Try to get to 2,000 words of content per article or page. This doesn’t mean writing exactly 2,000 boring, insignificant and repetitious words. Be created with your words, bulk up your keywords so the detail is more in depth. If you aren’t a writer maybe it’s time you consider to hire someone that is. OneCom Media specializes in writing Long Tail Keywords for their customers.
  3. Competition– Not only is your competition competing with you for customers, but they are also competing with your keywords online as well. Yes, you are at a disadvantage if you are a Small Business competing against larger companies. However, there is a resolution to this huge problem, adjust your keywords. I’m not telling you to completely change your keywords so it confuses the customer as to what services you provide. Make minor adjustments so your keywords are unique. Think about what unique words your customers would use to search for your services on the web. Still a bit confused? Don’t be embarrassed, we are here to help you. OneCom Media offers Digital Strategy for all of their customers.
  4. Mobile UN-Friendly Site- Most customers (more than 50% in the US) are now searching websites through their cell phone. Screen size compatibility is highly important! Unfortunately, there are many websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Imagine a customer is looking at your website through their phone. They are constantly adjusting the size of each page on their phone. How long before they give up on your website and move to a competitors? They don’t care that your services are 10 times better, they just want a company with a mobile friendly site. Yeah, it’s that simple. Uncertain if your company site is mobile friendly? Google offers a free service to test any site. We can ensure you that OneCom Media is mobile friendly and we certainly create mobile friendly sites for all of our customers.
  5. UN-Responsive Website Developers- Wait, the people that created your website are the actual problem? Yep, pretty much. 52% of customers surveyed after a year from when their website was created assert that the website was a failure. Now, we could blame some of that on the customer for not being proactive and communicating their frustrations. But that’s not justified. It’s the responsibility of the Website Design Company to be proactive. Do your research! Make sure you are hiring a trustworthy, proactive, educated website development company.  onecom_call_to_action

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