Building Your Brand

Are you opening a new business? One of the most important aspects of starting a business is building your brand. Building your brand means many different things. But the more information you have regarding your brand helps when it comes to marketing your brand.

At OneCom Media & Marketing, we use your brand details to build your digital marketing programs. After all, we know that once people find a brand they trust, they’re more likely to return to that brand in the future. The more consistent your branding is, the more people will remember it.

Fonts and Colors

Your brand’s colors are an important aspect of your brand. When we create posts for your business, we’ll be sure to match the colors in your logo to the colors in your posts. This helps to create brand awareness and keep consistency across your messaging.

We’ll also work to match the font used in your logo to the fonts used across your digital marketing. Whether it’s highlighting keywords on a Google Business Profile post image or using the right font on your newly designed website, we take the steps to make sure everything is consistent.

Company Voice

On your kickoff call with your digital marketing team, they’ll ask a number of important questions. One of the questions asked is what your company voice is. This is an important question because it gives the team an idea of the tone of your posts. They want to make sure everything we put out online for your business matches your brand, and company voice is a major component of that. By having an idea of what your voice is helps the team craft posts.

Know Your Ideal Audience

Knowing your ideal audience is crucial when it comes to your digital marketing. If you can identify your ideal customer, our teams can easily plan your content. The more details you can provide, the better. If you know your ideal audience or customer personas you’ve developed, it’s crucial to share them with your OneCom team.

Have a Plan for Everything

Finally, you’ll want to have a plan for everything. That includes dealing with your online reputation. OneCom Media & Marketing can help with your online reputation, especially since people trust an online recommendation as much as a recommendation from a friend. We can help you answer reviews on Google. That includes answering negative reviews, which are just as important to respond to as the positive reviews.

Building your brand and branding is an important aspect of your digital marketing. The more consistent everything can be, the more your can build your brand awareness. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we take the time to learn as much about your brand and match your brand to what we post for you. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that takes the time to learn about you and your business, choose OneCom Media & Marketing, your one-stop digital marketing shop. Contact us today to kickstart your digital marketing program.