How Website Design Improves Conversion Rate OneCom Media & Marketing

The success of an online business depends on the conversion rates. Conversions are a result of strong SEO content, effective social media advertising strategy, and an attractive website design. Conversions mean sales and profits for a business. Getting there is important for business owners. The first step towards business success is the website design.

Fostering Usability

The usability of a website design is measured by the amount of time in which users can perform tasks on the website and how quickly the site can complete them. The main focus of a website should be usability. If your website does not perform basic tasks quickly, it means that it needs work.

Another important element of effective website design is easy navigation. Smart drop-down menus and simplistic navigation system can help to improve the usability of your website.

Visitors create opinions by spending a few seconds on a website. In order to understand what your website needs, check out a competitor’s website and get ideas. Additionally, you can test run your website on a few design templates with user groups.

Make Use of Conversion-Centric Design Features

There are some design features that have a direct influence on conversion. If you can get this right, your visitors will be compelled to take action. Having large fonts on prominent places on the website will have the desired effect. You can simply highlight or color a part of the font that links to call-to-action pages.

Make sure pages aren’t cluttered. A cluttered page may be overwhelming for a potential customer. Also, place important buttons like call-to-action and sign-up forms near the top of the page. This ensures people will see them. Always remember social media links. They’re also an important elements of the web design.

Timing is the key to a successful conversion, so make sure your website loads fast. When you put in images and videos on your website, make sure that they are the right size. Larger pictures take more time to load and result in your web page taking more time in loading. You can test your website speed and get recommendations from Google directly.

Stick to Web Design Aesthetics

Your consumers communicate with your brand through your website. Make sure that their time on your website is pleasant so they stay longer. Some ways to do this include designs, colors, and visuals. These three items influence purchasing decisions. Additionally, the colors and visual effects of your website design will also build brand recognition. The tone and personality of the brand are built through these visual elements. By making sure the three work together, your website works better.

Satisfy Your Customers

If a customer is unsatisfied, the news will travel fast. Negative online feedback harms business more than anything else. Make sure that you cater to your customers. One way to do this is to answer a customer complaint immediately. You may not like seeing a negative review. But the faster you correct it, the more likely you’ll retain the customer.

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