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What Does Digital Marketing Mean?

digital marketing

Similar to how the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century introduced innovation on a technical level; the Information Age has had quite a comparable transition. The Information Age delineates a period where a deliberate shift towards technology-based economies has been completed. Information is exponential and universal in nature. And economic activity is driven by the…

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The Basic Checklist for Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising isn’t the wild frontier it was just five years ago, but many advertisers are still shooting in the dark. We can all agree a business needs to be online with at least some of its messaging. As of last year, only 13% of Americans weren’t using the internet. Unless those few make up…

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Should you be on the first page of Google results?


 YES! The word sitting on its own line in all capital letters followed by an exclamation mark should be a clue to how vitally important it is for your business to appear in the top ten search results. This applies to all search engines, not only Google’s. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) that brings your…

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Keywords to Land Your Company on the Front Page of Google

Keywords to land your company on the front page of Google

Utilize keywords to Get your Company on the Front Page of Google We live in an ever changing world. As companies continue to utilize online marketing more and more, keywords for your  company have become increasingly important. When a potential customer searches the web you want your business to appear at the top of their search!…

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Establish your Niche when Creating your Website

Quality Websites

It’s very important to know what your company does best and stick to it! When creating your website you must understand your niche. All too often, a business veers away from what they do best. Typically, their reasoning is they want to broaden their services, they want to do everything. So instead of doing one…

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5 Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking


Finally, your website is complete! For you, this was the final piece of the puzzle. You run a successful business with high profit margins. Your company is doing quite well. and you didn’t even have a website.  Your customers have been asking you for months and months, Why don’t you have a website? Well you…

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Website Content & the 80-20 Rule

Website Content 80 – 20 Rule: The 80-20 Rule is simple when it comes to your personal or business website. 20% of what is placed on any given page gives 80% of important information that catches the reader’s eye.  In other words, 20% of the information on any page creates 80% of the value that…

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Professional Website VS. Professional Looking Website


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This statement holds a lot of truth. Especially, if you are planning to create a website for your business. With so many different themes and templates out there it can be a headache deciding which one works best for your business. The appearance of your website is…

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Website Design Cincinnati


Website Design Cincinnati The key to great website design in Cincinnati is creating a website that engages customers and drives real results.  Businesses in Cincinnati depend on their website to promote their business and provide potential customer with key information, but this is not enough.  OneCom Media builds engaging website that extend your brand and…

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Website Design in Hamilton Ohio

Search Engine Optimization

Hamilton Ohio Website Design OneCom Media’s development team has completed over 500 websites. Not only are we highly touted and professionally driven, but we are also trustworthy and efficient. From providing current knowledge and best practices on digital strategy to our clients to pinpointing valuable social media tools, OneCom Media does it all! There is…

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