Content Calendar Benefits

Nowadays, with multiple apps available under the same umbrella, it may seem harder than ever to coordinate what needs done. As a way to keep everyone on your team on top of things, you may create a content calendar. Content calendars help you keep track of the content you’re already posting while helping you work ahead of schedule. The different content calendar benefits allow your team to stay on track of content for your company. The teams at OneCom Media & Marketing stick to content calendars so you know when posts go out online.

Why You Should Plan Ahead

It’s never hurt anyone to plan ahead. By planning your content, it allows us to see any holes in your content is. From there, we make sure to fill them in. Additionally, you can keep track of any upcoming holidays you should be posting about. Those holidays can be holidays everyone knows about, like Halloween or Thanksgiving, to the social media holidays, like National Pet Day or Social Media Day. By planning ahead, you have time to draft content for these days and don’t have to rush to create content relevant to your company.

Furthermore, by letting OneCom Media & Marketing handle your content and get ahead on your content, you can focus on other tasks that need completed. Just remember to revisit your plans from time to time to make sure the information is still relevant. Also, be sure to update content with any fresh trends that are particularly relevant to your business.

What Needs to be on a Content Calendar

A content calendar should have your content plans on it. Whether it’s your social media postings or blogs you have scheduled, put it on the content calendar. Everything and anything related to content needs to be on a content calendar. Anytime work is planned, completed, or published, it needs go on the calendar and needs updated accordingly.

Use calendars to your advantage. If you’re planning your content early enough, it gives you the opportunity to shape it and make it applicable to your brand and business. Make sure messages stay on point and consistent with your brand.

How to Create a Content Calendar

Luckily for you, there are many different ways to make a content calendar. We have a content calendar we stick to that you’ll get to see on your monthly reporting calls.

When it comes to the calendar, you want to make it as streamlined and simple as possible. We’ll color code everything so you know where we are at in the process. Additionally, it allows us to see where there’s too much or too little postings and fix it.

These content calendar benefits can be a tremendous aid in terms of planning content. It helps you stay on top of what’s done, what needs done, and where team members are at in terms of completing a project. Contact One Com Media & Marketing when you’re ready to get more customers and grow your business.