Website Content and the 80-20 Rule OneCom Media & Marketing

The 80-20 Rule and Website Content

The 80-20 Rule is simple when it comes to your personal or business website. 20 percent of what is placed on any given page gives 80 percent of important information that catches the reader’s eye. This is also true for reviews, testimonials, photos, a good call to action button, etc. When it comes to your website content, the 80-20 rule is a good one to follow.

How to Create a More Impactful Website

What does this all mean and how can you use this knowledge to create a more impact on your website?  Focus on the 20 percent that will deliver 80 percent of the impact. Focus on the elements of your website that will drive real results.

This rule of thumb will help you find the most important points to drive home with your readers. It will make you have to simplify your website by making you cut out anything that does not fit the rule. Focus on the essentials, and drive a clear, precise message that visitors will easily understand and want to take action on.

Less distractions are better. Forget the dog and pony show items that do not send clear message and that do not drive the desires action you want visitors to take.  This principal will allow you to create a cleaner, more efficient, and message-driven website for your customers.  Don’t get caught making website mistakes that hurt your conversion rates. The next time you are creating content for your website think of the 80-20 rule and work to make sure you focus on the 20 percent factor and work to drive a clear message and a definite call to action

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