Benefits of a Video Shoot

Video serves two purposes in a digital marketing campaign. It not only opens a new avenue to leave an impression on customers but can also increases with your Google SEO relevance. There are numerous benefits of a video shoot. In fact, a single video shoot can benefit your company in a magnitude of ways.

When planning a video shoot, it is essential to film for versatile content rather than simply shooting for just a single video. With this approach, content from a single shoot can be reused and remixed to create videos specialized for a variety of social media platforms and marketing goals. A great video will allow you to separate yourself from the competition and show off what makes you unique. Having multiple great videos will only increase this effect. But, having multiple great videos from one shoot… that will save your business significant time and money!

Using Video on Your Google Business Profile

Google LOVES video. Google’s algorithms know that because videos are beneficial for consumers, that it should reward businesses who use them with higher search relevance. Google also rewards businesses for fully optimizing their profile—and it can’t be fully optimized without video content. Additionally, Google learns about your business through analyzing the images and audio that is in your video. What better way to teach Google than through Google Business Profile? Bring your brand’s profile to its full potential.

Video on Your Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform can appeal to a different demographic. OneCom Media & Marketing will optimize the content on each to ensure the video reaches the right people and is implemented effectively.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Make a quick impact that will leave lasting impressions with a short promo video. Consumers on these platforms love fast-paced, 10-30 second videos. You’ll want to fill these videos with almost entirely b-roll. On social media, it’s important to use no intro titles or graphics. Seeing a long title sequence screams “advertisement,” and can cause consumers to scroll away from your video before it even starts.

These platforms also allow for paid promotions that can be used to make sure your video is seen by the right people. These ads can be targeted to specific demographics by age and location. Additionally, you can set your daily advertising budget for as much or as little as you’d like. Once the daily budget is hit, the ads just simply stop playing with no worries of going over budget. Also, the social platforms allow for easy tracking of engagement, which helps in determining if the video is effective.

Snapchat and TikTok

Extremely short, catchy videos live on Snapchat and TikTok. These platforms are a great way to market to millennials and generation Z, as they are almost exclusively the primary users. Videos here need to be no longer than 10-15 seconds and need to be in the vertical format. It’s essential to re-edit and format your video to this vertical format to ensure that their original quality and message stay intact.  Similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, these platforms also allow targeted paid promotions that can further boost your brand.


Promo Video

What better way to set yourself apart from the competition with a 30-60 second promo video on your home screen? Set this video to music, fill it with interesting b-roll, and maybe even add a voice over. Longer video that’s more informative and detailed serves as a great way to talk about your company in the about page.

About Us/Explainer Video

A longer video telling about your company or explaining your products and services gives consumers an additional insight into your brand. Customers no longer want to read information—they’d prefer to simply watch a video that could convey the same information through visuals in a shorter time. Capitalize on this!

Video Background

Instead of using a generic photo as the background of a header or page, elevate your game with a slow-motion cinematic video. Not only does this look cool, one of the many built-in benefits of a video shoot, but it gives you more opportunities to show off your brand and products.


Now that you have great videos, don’t just simply post them on social media and your website. Post the same videos to YouTube. It’s free and easy, yet another simple way to broaden your brand’s reach. You company should appear in as many searchable databases as possible.

OneCom Media & Marketing specializes in everything digital marketing. Let us craft you a content-based video shoot and a custom video marketing strategy today! We can’t wait to take your business to the next level through the benefits of a video shoot. Contact us today to get started.