Developing a Social Media Strategy

Too many cooks in the kitchen is usually never a good thing. You don’t want to overcomplicate a recipe. Similarly, too many ingredients in one recipe causes too much chaos. The recipe won’t be known for its’ unique taste. Additionally, it will be known for having too many flavors. Developing a social media strategy has the same concept. Don’t overextend. Focus on niche, personality, and content.


Being the jack of all trades is an appealing idea until the next part of that sentence is revealed. More often than not, the end to that statement is master of none. That is precisely what you don’t want your company to be. Your company should hone their “niche” or area of expertise. Because of this, viewers will follow your account when they can identify exactly what content your business specializes in. If the basis of the content jumps around too much, the viewer will lose interest and likely hit “unfollow.” In other words, be unique. As a result, your following will increase.


Your company’s social media account should accurately reflect your business’ personality. In 2017, Smart Insights found that 86% of consumers prefer an authentic brand personality on social networks. People like fresh and unique presence. Your brand is made of individual aspects that strengthen your company. Let those aspects show in your social media. While displaying your company, also display the team behind all the hard work. Good social media is relatable and personalized.


In 2016, Demand Gen Report found that 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before talking with a sales representative. The content your account posts should be related to your business. Making an impact on your audience is the best way to ensure a “follow.”

Use your content wisely. For instance, use your expertise to educate your audience. Don’t randomly post just to fill a quota. Post so your content interacts with the audience. In addition, switch up the content. Provide variety to keep the content interesting. However, don’t stray too far and make the posts random.

How OneCom Media Can Help

At OneCom Media, we create high end, quality content. We use SEO (search engine optimization) for the best results. Therefore, we create content proven to generate leads. We aim to increase sales, customers, and content that best reflect your brand. OneCom works directly with you to create a social media strategy. This social media strategy is personalized and will provide content that hones your niche.

Contact us today to start developing your social media strategy! Get the ball rolling. Get your social media looking the best it can! We offer a free digital review to get you started.