Top 5 Benefits of Implementing Facebook Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, a social media presence for your company is a big deal. Not only is being online convenient and easy for your customer, but it also increases your brand’s awareness. What better way to start than applying Facebook to your company marketing strategy? Prioritizing a consistent social media presence will allow you to generate more leads and sales. Read on to learn five benefits of implementing Facebook into your digital marketing plan.

Facebook Marketing Can Reach a Wide Audience

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the entire world with nearly 3 billion users every month. That is over a third of the entire world population- on one social media site. Taking advantage of having so many potential customers in one area can greatly increase your company’s visibility. Along with reaching billions of users, Facebook also bridges across many demographics. With this, there is no doubt that you will be able to reach your target audience on Facebook.

Building Community

Social media platforms not only allow your company to share about your business, but it also allows customers to share your services and posts as well. If customers choose not to share about your company, they can still speak positively. This will direct traffic to your page as people are inclined to trust the word of friends or family. A successful Facebook page also allows for a space of open discussion. You should be encouraging your guests or customers to leave a review- whether it is positive or negative. This allows you the opportunity to respond and build a positive relationship with your community.

Facebook Marketing Builds Trust

Social media does not allow your company a space to hide your flaws. The beauty and horror in utilizing these digital spaces is that customers can be brutally honest, which could hurt your business. However, this offers you the chance to build trust within the digital community you are building. Building trust is crucial to generating customers, leads, and sales. Prioritizing your brand’s online presence will have an immediate reaction on customer’s connection with your business. They will be able to see the truth and authenticity within your company.

Ad Format Variety

Facebook is the top social media platform in the number of ad options they provide for their customers. Almost all the ad formats available offer text and visual elements. Text and visual elements (such as photo or video) to an ad give you the chance to both describe and show your business. With the multiple different ad types, there is sure to be something your business and your audience will love.

All this boils down to managing your business’ reputation. If all of that sounded complex, it’s because it is. The best way to successfully go about launching your Facebook marketing strategy, is to hire a digital marketing agency. As a business owner, you do not have time to monitor your Facebook page constantly or be on top of outreach. That is why you need to hire OneCom Media & Marketing.

At OneCom, we will help set up your Facebook profile, ensure posted content is relevant to your audience, post at peak posting time for maximum visibility, and supply regular reports of your social media results. Contact us today to see how we can increase sales, better your brand awareness, and create a positive reputation.