Industries that Benefit from Directories

Nowadays, businesses need to find a way to make a splash on the internet in order to get noticed. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we’ve helped many different companies spanning different industries get noticed on Google. One way we’ve done it is through online directories. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the industries that benefit from directories.

Seasonal Businesses

Different types of seasonal businesses benefit from directories. On the directory, the businesses can list their hours of operation and their location. This is particularly beneficial if they regularly change their location each year. For example, around Halloween, many costume shops tend to pop up around town. Then, after Halloween, they close up and don’t re-open for another year. Sometimes, they open in different locations. Through listing seasonal businesses on directories, it helps returning customers find the store when it’s time to shop again.

Small Businesses

Some small businesses have a hard time gaining traction on the internet, especially when competing with larger brands. But, when small businesses get listings on different directories, it helps increase their SEO. When search engines, especially Google, notice your business in different places on the internet and that you link back to it, they view your business as a viable one. This results in Google pushing your website closer to the top of search engine results. From there, you’ll attract more views to your website.

Trade Companies

Do you own a trade company? Some of those jobs include electricians, construction workers, or plumbers. These types of companies benefit from being included on directories. Many times, people choose a company to work with, and if they do a good job, they continue working with that company. However, they also have ways to grow their client base by listing their business on a directory. By having your business on different directories, you increase your chances of someone finding your business and hiring you to complete a job.


Just like with trade jobs, salons thrive on returning clients. They also thrive on new clients coming to their shop. When salons list their shop on different directories, they increase the likelihood of someone finding them and choosing to go to their salon instead of a different one.


A common question asked in many families is “what’s for dinner?” If you’re a restaurant owner, you can benefit from your restaurant being listed on many different directories. Google takes notice when your restaurant is featured on different directories, just like with other industries. Again, it helps your SEO and makes your restaurant more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results.

All in all, any industry can benefit from inclusion on a directory. Overall, the industries that benefit from directories are the ones that reap the benefits of online exposure. If you’d like your company to gain more exposure on the internet, contact OneCom Media & Marketing. Our proven techniques help drive results for our partners. If you are ready for the same, contact us today