Innovative Digital Marketing Trends

There are no signs of the digital marketing world slowing down or stopping anytime soon. Digital marketing is constantly changing and changing fast. Many businesses are playing catch up with this fast business pace. These days your company must have an active online presence to gain new competitive advantages and find new ways to connect with customers. With that being said, we are here to provide you with some 2019 innovative digital marketing trends to strengthen your marketing strategy for this year. 

Personalized, Conversational Marketing

Generic posts and emails are proving to be not effective as they once were. The new trend in digital marketing is personalization. According to Statista, 90% of the U.S. population found personalized marketing content to be very or somewhat appealing in 2017. Two years later and this statistic is still rising. These days, it is the little things that matter most to consumers because they want an experience tailored to them. One of our tips for you would be to have a deeper understanding for your target market and know what they want. With a better understanding you can give consumers a better customer experience, increase your brand loyalty, and gain more revenue.

To do so we recommend making your posts more engaging. Social media is no longer a one-way conversation but rather your goal should be to engage with your audience. By posting engaging subject matter that your target marketing is wanting, you can resonate with your potential and current customers. Making sure your email content is personalized and optimized is very important for generating leads and capitalizing on your market. Incorporating more personalization into your marketing strategy will surely provide better customer experience. 

Geo Marketing

Recently the power of location has had a great effect on marketing. New trends like Geo-tagging and Geo-Fencing are on the rise. These trends are location-based marketing or any form of marketing that involves location intelligence. This new form of marketing is opening a world of possibilities for marketers. By using Geo marketing, you can deliver content to users that is based on the locations they have visited recently.

This marketing form can get you a step closer to your customers by allowing you to use ads in predefined geographic ranges based on where your target market is visiting. Also, it allows you to focus on areas that are highly saturated with your target market to run ads to their most effective abilities. Places your customers are going say a lot about them. By utilizing this information, your company can have a great predictor of your customers behaviors and shape your marketing around these behaviors. 

Video Marketing

A survey from Forbes proved that a total of 73% of all Americans engage with YouTube. This means that well over half of Americans watch videos and this shows how highly engaging videos can be in our culture. The use of videos in marketing helps companies develop more personalized connections with customers because it allows you to capture and convey information and the personality of your brand.

This digital tool is proving to be incredibly effective and humanized marketing is doing wonders for all kinds of brands. One important tip is to ensure you add keywords to the URL, title, and video description to ensure search engine optimization. Doing this along with creating engaging content such as how-to videos, influencer interviews, customer testimonials, webinars, and company culture can help your company maximize video marketing results.

As a whole, your company must optimize video content so that it is timely, relevant, and engaging. If done right, video marketing can help your company increase social media engagement, generate leads, and create an overall more effective call to action to increase your revenue. 

The business competition in 2019 is only going to keep rising. By implementing some of these trends your company is sure to be taking a step in the right direction. Your company needs to harness these tools in order to make your marketing strategy as efficient and successful as possible. Make sure to stay in touch and focused on the marketing innovations that matter in your industry. By cohesively incorporating all these trends, you are sure to see successful results. Need innovative digital marketing trends to build up your online marketing? Contact OneCom Media & Marketing today.