3 Key Factors for Google Search

If you want to expand your business through Google, you need to understand the three key factors that drive it. When a user searches for a company or business, the three key factors for Google Search are distance, relevance, and prominence. By establishing what these are and learning how to effectively use them, you will grow your business exponentially.


Distance is simply how far away your company is from the user. Although this may seem simple enough, there is more to it than meets the eye. However, Google may prioritize another business if it matches user needs more than yours. Keywords used in the search also affect the results that Google produces. If one is to simply search the keyword “pizza”, top rated pizza places will appear.

However, if that same person is to search “pizza near me”, it would prioritize the pizza near the user, thus showing local businesses in their area. Although there is not much you can do to change your distance on Google, it is important to focus on keywords that could lead to your business.


When Google analyzes all the information that a search user puts in and matches it with the business that matches, that is relevance. Therefore, you should fill out your Google Business Profile so Google can gain an understanding of your company. Without information about your business, Google cannot accurately assess if you are able to fulfill what the user is looking for and will consequently not show you in the local search.

You can increase your relevance by showing your products and services on a well-designed and updated website. Reviews also have a huge impact on relevance because it allows Google to see that you are a legit business that appeases customers.


Your prominence is how well known your company is known when it is offline. Google pulls from a wide variety of sources such as websites, articles, and reviews to determine how prominent your company is.

To gain a high prominence in Google it is essential that you obtain plenty of reviews from customers, maintain and update your business information, and add photos of your products or the services that you provide. This allows Google to gather information from your page and see that there are several people who found your products/services helpful.

By gaining an understanding of these factors, you can better increase your business through Google. By keeping your business up to date with hours of operation, gaining and responding to views, and showcasing your products or services, Google will start to suggest you in the local businesses. However, if you fail to keep up with your business, you will drop in distance, relevance, and prominence.

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