Marketing with LinkedIn

Are you looking to extend your business through posting on LinkedIn? If so, it is essential to have specific elements within your posts to understand how to get views most effectively. There are a variety of techniques to make your posts more successful, therefore gaining you more likes, shares, and comments, leading to your business growing. If you feel like a beginner and do not know where to start with marketing with LinkedIn, follow these tips.

What to Put Within LinkedIn Posts?

Take advantage of specific requirements to make a post more effective. 1,000-to-3,000-word posts generally get a greater amount of attention than posts with a smaller word count, so focus on putting as much quality information into a post as you can.

Titles however should be between 40 to 49 characters, thus not taking away from the actual information. Within the post itself, there should be less of a focus on video, and more on getting relevant pictures, eight to be specific. This leads to a spike in views, whereas video was as popular. Finally, the reading level you should be writing for is eleven, so do not overcomplicate the post.

Amount of Posts

The number of times that you post also has a massive impact on whether your posts get views. You should post as often as you can, as the more you post the more you attract. Three is the minimum number of posts you need to have a week to fully take advantage of the system. By uploading more content more consistently, you show others you are dedicated to them. With more posts to view, the audience gains a better understanding of your business. Therefore, you should be striving to post as much quality content as you can within the week to allow for your information to be reached and understood.

Types of Posts

Just as there are a variety of different posts that you can write, the same is true for LinkedIn. However, some work better than others, especially when writing for a specific business. The most effective posts to write are “How-to” and list style headlines. Question posts do not gain as much attention as more assertive posts, therefore tell your audience what they need to hear rather than asking what they need.

Some of the other types of posts that gain a great amount of interest are single image, text only, polls, articles, and native video posts. Though some may have more benefits than others depending on what you are looking for, these have all proven to gain a high amount of attention from users and should therefore be focused on when creating posts.

Although you can create any post regardless of the content that is within it, some gain more attention than others. Therefore, you should work to implement the different strategies to gain more interest from marketing with LinkedIn users and grow your business. Though they may seem like small additions to your post, they can help increase views. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out with questions to us at OneCom Media & Marketing!