Optimizing a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile connects your business to the web. Without a profile no one can find your business online. To bring in more customers and grow your business it is important to first create your profile. Then, the next important step is optimizing a Google Business Profile. This helps to separate yourself from your competition. If you are wondering how to optimize a Google Business Profile and increase customers you have come to the right place.

Include Accurate Business Information

The first key, and most important to optimizing your Google Business Profile is to have the latest information updated. You need to have your business’s location, hours, and services up to date. Without the latest info Google will not show your business to customers as often. This is because it does not see you as an active business. To show Google that you want customers, you need to keep all information updated consistently and accurately.

Post Often, Use Photos, and Manage Reviews

Another great way to optimize a Google Business Profile is to be active on your account with posts, photos, and reviews. Start posting photos of happy customers, a pretty workspace, and new features to your business. This is a great way to show customers that your business is reputable. In addition to photos, making posts of things like events, offers, announcements, and product updates is also key. Doing so helps improve brand awareness, increase Google relevancy, and ultimately bring in more customers. Consistency is key.

Managing reviews is also a key part to optimizing a Google Business Profile as the businesses with the most positive reviews is typically shown towards the top of searches. Making sure your consumer experience is great will be the best way to ensure 5-star reviews. Ask customers kindly to leave your business a review to help grow in relevancy and always be sure to respond to their review. Over time as you create great posts, post consistently, and accumulate more reviews you will see Google placing your business profile at the top. This will be well worth it as you will see more customers coming in your doors.

Incorporate Keywords

When posting on Google Business Profile and in your business’s description, it is important to use keywords that relate to and create interest in your business. Keywords can be based around common customer desires, questions, and how your business can fulfill these interests. For example, if your pizza business is known for having the best bacon pizza, using keywords like “best bacon pizza” will help you in finding your ideal customer.

Hire Experts

In conclusion the truth is the best way to optimize your Google Business Profile is to hire an expert. These experts take time to figure out exactly how to optimize your profile, posts, and keywords to use. Importantly, this ensures that you are getting the most out of Google. If you are getting the most out of Google, your business will see tons of growth from all the new customers finding your business. If you are looking for an expert luckily, we are here to help! At OneCom Media & Marketing, we have spent hours studying Google to figure out exactly how we can use it to make any business grow.

So, if growing your business is important to you, contact OneCom Media & Marketing today and hear about all Google Business Profile and other digital marketing services.