Optimizing Your Instagram Business Profile

How you present yourself is how people first view you. This holds true for your Instagram account too. As a business on Instagram, this is where some of your potential customers will get their first impression of your company. You want to make sure that each aspect of your account is optimized for a great first impression. Below are a few tips on optimizing your Instagram business profile so that your first impression will make a lasting impression.

Profile Picture

This is the first visual evidence anyone will see of your company on Instagram. You want to make sure this is a good high-quality picture that represents your company and your account. We recommend making this your company logo or a picture or other symbol that may represent your company. Whatever you make it, make sure that it is visually appealing, complimentary of the circular space it must fit in, and high quality.


This section of your profile can be hard to create. Your username is the first thing people may read about your company so making it professional yet simple is important. However, that is easier said than done. If possible, you should try and make your username your company’s name. If it is taken you can try playing around with names by adding .com to the end or adding a location. However, avoid adding random numbers, underscores, or periods into your username. You should try and make sure your username is available across multiple social platforms to keep a consistent username that makes you easy to find.


Your name is a very important section of your account. This is what people will search to find you. We recommend not setting this as your company name but rather setting it as what your company offers. For example, our company name is “OneCom Media & Marketing” however our profile name is “Digital Marketing Company.” Users are more likely to type in a keyword or your industry rather than your specific company name. By changing your profile name to what you offer, you SEO your account to increase search traffic.


Your bio is the space between your name and link. This should answer two main questions. What is your account about? And why should you follow this account? By answering these two questions you will give your audience the answer to the main questions they are probably asking. One common mistake we see in this section is that rather than selling their account, companies try to sell their products or services. Although that is the end goal, the goal of a first impression is to attract followers for your account that will later lead to customers. By selling your account rather, you are setting yourself apart from other competing accounts.

CTA and Link

Finally, you should have a call to action and the link to your company’s website. Your call to action should never be “click here”. You should make it interesting such as “want 40% off? Then get it by visiting our website using the link below” or “see the rest of the services we offer by clicking the link!” Your calls to action are meant to engage the user and take them a step further into your profile. By making sure you have a good call to action and the link at the bottom, you are sure to be more inviting to potential customers.

You never get a second chance at a first impression. By optimizing your Instagram business profile all these parts of your account, you can help make a great impression on potential customers and followers. If you have more questions or need help managing your company’s Instagram account and other social media accounts, contact OneCom Media & Marketing today!