Responding to Online Reviews

Reviews are imperative for your business. With more and more people turning to online reviews, and trusting them as much as a personal recommendation, it’s crucial for your business to have stellar online reviews. Sometimes people take their frustrations out on you in the review section. While no one likes seeing a negative review, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself in front of a potential returning customer.

Just by responding to online reviews, you are gaining a return customer (if it is a positive review) or attempting to make up for a less than great experience (for a negative review). You have a right and wrong way to respond to reviews, so take note.

Respond to All Reviews

When it comes to responding to your online reviews, you want to respond to all of your reviews, including the negative reviews. Review responses are another way to show Google that you are a relevant business and that they should recommend your business to people searching online. Additionally, responding to reviews provide a great way to protect your online reputation. If something did go wrong, a review response can go a long way in rectifying the situation.

Thank Them and Provide Incentive to Return

Regardless of a positive or negative review, you should always thank a customer for leaving a review. To take your online review response to the next level is to get someone to come back. If someone gives your business a negative review, provide an incentive to come back in the future.

This shows the reviewer that you value their feedback and want to make things better for the future. On the other hand, if someone has something positive to say about your business, it’s a great way to thank them for the feedback and invite them back. For instance, if they mention something about trying a different menu item in the future, invite them back to try it again soon.

Responding Increases Engagement

Regardless of a positive or negative review, responding to online reviews is a way to increase engagement with your customers. It shows new customers that you’re responsive to criticism and praise and shows existing customers you value their input.

Use Keywords in Your Response

Did you get a positive review? That’s great! When you form your response, use some keywords in your response as long as it sounds natural. Using keywords in your response increase the likelihood that your business gets noticed by search engines. However, use more generalized language in your responses to negative reviews.

Online reviews can make or break a business. Remember, responding to online reviews, even negative ones, are important to your business. It sets you apart from other businesses. If you are looking for online reputation management services, OneCom Media & Marketing can help you out. Contact our team of professionals to get started today.