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Social media dominates the marketing world, forming an integral part of your advertising campaigns.  Obviously, the results aren’t immediate, but once you start getting them, you really relish in them. However, one wrong move can completely mar your online reputation. Play your cards right with these social media marketing tips.


Always keep close tabs on all popular social media platforms. Take note if customers are speaking about your business or maybe if they’re looking for services you provide. Reach out to these customers, listen to what they are saying, and then respond back. If they want some information, give them that. If they are rating you or leaving a positive review, thank them. Even if they don’t like something about your brand, apologize and try to make up for it.


At least 60 percent companies don’t respond to consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform. However, if you step away from this practice and start responding, you earn a competitive edge. What if the customers are complaining? Resolve their problems, and they will surely talk about that too. Every brand can make mistakes. If you don’t accept your mistake or apologize for it, consumers will go elsewhere.

Avoid Selling

Social media marketing is most effective when you tell a story, not when you sell products. But what kind of stories? Maybe a social responsibility that you fulfilled or a drive that you conducted. Share details about your beginnings. From there, discuss your leadership traits, how you helped customers resolve their problems, challenges that you might be facing, and the manner in which you are dealing with them. If you are B2B company, share white papers, eBooks, and case studies. By getting content out for the public to see, you’re increasing awareness of your company.


You obviously know that social media provides you with leads and increase your sales. Rather than getting all those ads out, place them in front of the most appropriate consumer segments. Social media ads allow you to target potential consumers based on a number of demographic factors so make sure you are utilizing the feature to the utmost. For Facebook, you can target ads to people who like your page. So when these people view the ads, they will also be able to see that their friends have liked your brand.

Give Away Freebies

When you give a 10 percent off, you market a product. When you give a 50 percent off, you provide value. And when you give 100 percent off, you gain loyal customers who stay with you for life.

Be You!

Or rather be the brand that you are. Stay original and stay authentic. Your potential consumers would love to do business with you.

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