There are more disruptive technologies that are changing the game more than ever. Your company needs to familiarize itself with these new technology trends to take advantage of the fast-changing business environment. These new tools can help your company optimize customer experience while also getting a competitive edge on the competition. 

Voice Interaction

According to a Bright Local Study over 50% of smart home speaker users conduct local searches at least once a week. This significant statistic does not include the voice searches done over Siri and other voice interaction platforms. We have natural tendency to talk so there is no surprise that this form of technology will continue to grow. After all, this is our preferred way of communication. This approach for searching is so different from text searches, but it cannot be ignored. More and more people use it than ever before. Thus, it is significant and growing. By having your company tailor its searches to this different approach you can optimize your company’s results when people search locally. 


A Chatbot is a specialized type of software that acts as a consumer personalized virtual guide. It naturally interacts with customers through text chat windows. They can assist users and help them reach their final goal. This emerging technology is personalized. Additionally, greets customers who come to your website and answer any questions they may have. It provides an easy way for them to ask questions they may have and a good way to get help on how to navigate the site. Chatbots perform simple tasks and ask simple questions. However they can have a great impact on the overall customer experience a user gains when coming to your business’s site. 

Artificial Intelligence and Programmatic Advertising

Artificial intelligence is a system that gathers data and facts about a situation through sensors and human input. This information can be very useful when companies are attempting to solve problems or perform tasks. AI is expected to improve business’s customer service and marketing, and that is why your company needs to start utilizing this tool. This new technology has a great impact on programmatic advertising as well. This is the process that uses AI to buy and place advertisements based on targeting algorithms. By properly using this tool you can successfully and effectively reach your target market. Companies that are using this cutting-edge technology are improving their marketing strategy while also increasing customer experience. We believe that it is very important to keep familiarizing yourself with the evolving digital landscape and new technologies. That is why we recommend looking into effectively utilizing AI and programmatic advertising for your company. 

Taking advantage of these new and upcoming technologies can be a great asset to your company. Utilizing these tools in an effective way will help optimize your company’s customer experience and allow you to gain a competitive advantage. Ready to use these technology trends to further your digital marketing efforts? Contact OneCom Media & Marketing today.