Tracking Engagement on Social Media

Does your company’s social media account have low activity and engagement? OneCom Media & Marketing is here to help. We’ll explain how engaging followers on social media is crucial to generating leads on different platforms. It does your company no good to have a million followers if none of them are engaging with you or interested in your content. This means your posts aren’t effective or interesting. By tracking engagement on social media, this lets you know your followers are interested in your content because something is resonating with them. Having engaging content can organically promote growth and lead generation.


Your goal should be to ignite conversation with your audience. Social media is all about interaction and commenting is a great way to see the interaction you are having with your followers. If you are posting interesting content, this can lead to sparking conversation with your followers. Getting comments on your posts is a reliable sign that your content is hitting the right areas of interest. Good, bad, or indifferent, all comments can help you to interact and gain feedback on your content. In doing so this can help generate brand loyalty and improve the content you post.


People naturally gravitate towards posts that are trending and popular. The more likes your posts receive, the more engagement you will gain. Likes can cultivate recognition, and therefore signal to platform algorithms that your content deserves a higher spot in the search results. Likes show the authority your content can have if you are posting engaging content.


Although likes can indicate important measurements, they can be somewhat passive on certain platforms. Because of this, shares are another great indicator of your post’s engagement. When your post gets shared, this shows a follower is making a conscious effort to recommend your post. When someone puts the effort in to sharing your content this means they feel it’s interesting enough to share with their connections. Shares indicate the quality of your work and build up brand loyalty.

By having and engaged audience, this means your followers are relating to, and interested in your content. By having very little engagement, you should realize your content may be unclear or uninteresting to your audience. To change this, we recommend starting by tracking your KPIs and improving from there. There are many ways to track engagement and here at OneCom Media & Marketing, we advise your company to take advantage of these indicators.

If your company needs help tracking engagement on social media, call us at OneCom Media & Marketing today. Our team of professionals is here to provide your company with great insight and help you improve your digital marketing strategy. Through KPIs we can help grow your social media presence.