Website Design and Keeping Visitors and Your Site

Your company’s website is there for a reason: drawing in new business. The information provided should give people some kind of incentive to do business with you. Overall, you want to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible. For a variety of reasons, if people leave your website, they may not return. Give your potential new customers a reason to stay on your website. Below, we will go over the best way for keeping visitors on your website based on your website design.

Make Content Live Up to the Hype

You should use headings on your website to break up long chunks of text. But you want to make sure the content underneath those headings live up to the hype. For instance, if you make a bold claim in the heading, use the paragraph following the claim to show why it is the truth.

Create Easily Scannable Content

Nowadays, everyone has a shorter attention span. Take that shorter attention span into account when planning content for your website. Break content into different sections, numbered lists, or bulleted content for potential new clients to scan. Scannable content helps increase the numbers of visitors who stay on your website.

Work to Reduce Page Loading Time

No one likes a website that takes too long to load. It is one of the main reasons people leave a website entirely. In order to keep visitors on your website, make sure you take proper steps to cut down on the page loading time. While it is important to have photos and videos on your website, they do not have to be added to your website uncompressed. Compressing all videos and photos helps increase the page loading time, leading to happier customers.

Good Website Design Enhances Usability

Before your website goes live, make sure everything works properly. Nothing ruins a newly designed website than links that do not work or videos that do not play. Also, you will want to make sure your website features easy to understand navigation. For instance, if a visitor clicks on a section called “online ordering,” make sure it is a place to order something online, not something completely unrelated.

Keep Website Design Uniform

If different sections of your website use different colors and fonts, it cuts down on user experience. Overall, a design that is not uniform is jarring to visitors to your website. Once they decide they do not like your website, they will not come back. If you decide on using one specific color set on the homepage of your website, make sure that same color scheme on the other pages of your website.

Keeping visitors to your website is crucial for gaining new business. If your website is not working for your company anymore, why stick around with it? Instead, turn to OneCom Media & Marketing. Our website development teams will work with you to deliver a responsive website that is optimized for search engines and will keep more visitors on your website. If a new website is in your company’s future, contact OneCom Media & Marketing for website design services today.