What is Digital Marketing OneCom Media & Marketing

There’s a reason why directories and newspapers have shrunk in size over the last few years. Those old advertising workhorses can’t offer the same benefits that digital marketing can. In fact, no form of traditional marketing can. Digital marketing is all about timely and nearly instantaneous communication through digital channels online. People are spending longer amounts of time online since the turn of the century, so chances are, digital avenues are how to reach your audience more surely.

What are Digital Channels?

Typical digital channels are search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Additionally, company websites, social media platforms, and email also are aspects of digital marketing. Whereas cable television has hundreds of channels, the internet has millions with new ones popping up constantly.

Digital space offers an expanded range of marketing possibilities. Some of the common ways are banner ads and video. But blogs, social media posts, native content, and email also work. You can sell your old encyclopedia to build your corporate brand with a new toolkit.

What are Some Advantages of Digital Marketing?

Timeliness is one big difference. Unlike traditional print advertising, digital content can be updated daily or by the minute, if necessary. Infographics aren’t a new concept. But being able to change the color, shape or information of one in real time is. On the other hand, you can’t change an outdoor billboard at a moment’s notice. By investing in digital marketing, you know you can make quick adjustments if you need to.

Interactivity is huge. You’re not just talking at someone. You’re talking with them. If a customers likes something, they can buy it immediately. Additionally, they can sing your praises online. Customer surveys, direct marketing, test marketing, purchases, metric building, and many other activities can give you feedback to enhance your efforts and real-time data to feed your knowledge base. Blogs, e-newsletters, current white papers, or downloadable brochures can make you the go-to company.

Why Move Online?

Online is the new entertainment venue. Almost anything is found online. Want to reach kids? Sponsor a game. Have a new product for teenage boys? Run your video before the trailer for the latest action movie. Need to break news about new pain relief for migraines? Place your content where people are talking about headaches. Want to talk to the guy with his eyes glued to his phone while riding the elevator? There’s a way to virtually get in there with him.

Deciding on a digital marketing strategy will take some work. You can immerse yourself in the subject and plan it out with your business partners in a kind of trial-and-error manner. Or you can enlist experts who’ll guide you around the dead-ends to an effective way to harness the mind boggling options to your needs.

Don’t settle for just the first or shiniest choice. Shop and compare, until your gut tells you, “Hey, these people are the real deal.” For all your digital marketing needs, contact OneCom Media & Marketing.