What Makes a Good Website Design

When you decide to take your website design to the next level, keep these three things in mind. By following these tips, it will lead your website to be an effective and cost worthy investment. Including a visually appealing design, creating user experience and functionality will ensure you create more leads that will lead to conversions and real money. Web design is not only a way to lead customers to your site and make more money. Website design represents your company’s brand and how your viewers perceive it.

How to Make a Visually Appealing Website Design

Visually appealing web designs are key. To ensure your website will be visually appealing you want to keep in mind the following components:

  • What imagery am I choosing?
  • Do these colors appeal to the eye?
  • What emotions am I invoking?

Do you want others to feel trust, happiness, comfort or self confidence when first glancing at your site? You need your focal point to be made clear in your web design. If your main point is not laid out clearly for your viewers it will create too many question marks, leading to loss of potential customers.

User Experience Design

Creating a user experience friendly environment will lead to the success of your website. User experience includes a variety of things. Navigation made easy is key. If a user finds it difficult to find their way around a website they will more than likely leave the site and not return. You want to place the most important message clearly laid out in bold, something nobody will miss. This can include bold letters, italics, buttons and appealing images with wording included or right underneath.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly. This is one of the most important aspects to users. Many people when visiting a website don’t read, they scan. So take this into consideration with the content you will use. It is about understanding how people think and what would make most sense to them when they land on a website.

Functional Requirements for a Website

Functionality matters. It will bring more people to your website and keep them on longer! First and foremost make sure all your links work and you have a fast load time. When someone first clicks to enter onto a website, more than likely if your site takes longer than three seconds to load, they will exit. Again, make sure your website is user friendly and accounts for all potential users including laptops, all internet browsers, tablets and mobile.

When your website serves a purpose, it should be laid out clear. Determine the reason for your site. What questions will you answer for your users? The more questions you answer, the better functioning your website will become. These can be simple necessities to every website. Your user will expect certain features like a homepage, contact, about, and services. So make sure to include these! You can stay up to date with trends and modern designs but still maintain certain necessities that many people would consider when determining the functionality of a website.

When you decide to upgrade your website make sure your website designer or website design company implement these components. Professional website design companies should be following these steps. If you want to upgrade or create your website, contact OneCom Media & Marketing today at (877) 873-6724.