Why Your Business Needs Instagram

If your company is looking for a way to expand its social media presence, Instagram is an excellent platform to turn to. Instagram has proven to many businesses that when utilized the right way, it can be a powerful marketing tool. By not making use of this tool, you can be doing your company a disservice. We are here to explain why Instagram is such a great platform to turn to for your companies marketing strategy.

No matter how big or small your company may be Instagram can help your business to prosper. There have been many small and large businesses that have proven that with an active presence and maintaining a routine, your company can be successful using this app. By having a dedicated marketing strategy there is no limit on your success because more people are utilizing that app than ever before. If your marketing team posts and puts in the time with this app your company will see results.

Benefits of Using Instagram

One thing that is beneficial about Instagram is the engagement you can gain with your followers and customers. Whether that is using hashtags, live videos, or posts there are endless ways to stay involved and interact. Your followers can also interact back through likes and comments. This allows you to gauge their interest and the more likes and comments you get, the more visibility your company can gain.

The possibilities are limitless in the Instagram app. There are so many ways to get creative and with it being a mobile app, you can share content wherever you go. Through your feed, stories, live videos, and many more features, there are constant ways to connect with your followers. By incorporating promotions, giveaways, and shout outs you can interact with followers on an even more personal level. All these features can help your company attract new customers while also keeping your current followers engaged and updated on your business. Instagram is a great way for your marketing team to draw attention to your company and show what your company is about.

Increasing Instagram Visibility

By using influencers and hashtags within the app you can increase your profiles visibility. Hashtags work as keywords on each of your pictures to give a summary of what your post is trying to say. Using this feature properly can make your business seem more distinct and separate it from the crowd. Using a dependable influencer is another great way to reach new customers. By using an influencer, your company has the potential to reach new demographics you normally wouldn’t have, and they can help spread the word about your company to hundreds even millions of potential customers. By employing both tools, you can bring your company to a new level on this platform.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Your company can watch out for fellow competitors that are on Instagram too. By watching how they interact with their followers and whether they are successful, you can utilize it in your own strategy. Keep a close eye on how often they post, their types of posts, and how they engage their followers. By having this information, you can use this to better define your companies marketing strategy.

It is important to realize that more people are using Instagram than ever before. And, they gain more followers every day. By not using this social platform, you company is missing out on the opportunity to engage with millions customers. This is a powerful platform when it comes to social media. By taking our tips you can create a strong Instagram presence that will help your company grow through digital marketing. Contact OneCom Media & Marketing for more information today.