Email Marketing: Why You Still Need It

Are you looking for new ways to reach new customers? You may think regularly posting to your blog, posting on social media, and updating your Google Business Profile does enough but think again. While those go a long way in helping, there is still more you can do. Email marketing is alive and well in the digital marketing world. If your business has not warmed to email marketing, now is the time. Let OneCom Media & Marketing be the one to help with your email marketing.

It is Customizable

Nowadays, consumers like when things are personalized and customized to their liking. Your email marketing should be customizable and personalized to each person’s liking. The software you use should work with you, not against you, in tailoring emails to fit a certain group. If it is working against you and you are not seeing the results you want, it may be time to change software providers. By making an email a little more personalized, you might get a new sale or even a new customer.


Are you looking for a form of content marketing that does not cost as much as others? Email marketing is the answer you are looking for, especially when you consider the reach you get with email marketing. With a high return on investment, you are guaranteed that email marketing can do the trick for your business.

Easier to Implement Calls to Action

You want a call to action to stand out on an email. That way, a customer can skim the email, and make a choice on whether they want to participate in the deal. By emphasizing the call to action somewhere in the email, and maybe in multiple places, you are highlighting the deal to the customer. Depending on how well the call to action is will determine if a customer completes a transaction.

Easily Measure Key Performance Indicators

Curious what percent of people open your email and delete it without reading? What about how many people take advantage of a deal you are offering? With email marketing, the statistics you need the most are automatically processed for you. You will get up-to-date statistics when you need them most.

Highly Accessible

Do you have an email app on your phone? Chances are you do. This is a perfect marketing tool in the digital era because you can access your email from anywhere. After all, with the automatic notification people have set on their smartphones, they are notified immediately if they get an email. So then, if you send out a deal to your customers, they can access the deal on the spot and purchase something then.

Email marketing is not as dead as many people claim. In fact, it is still a thriving part of your digital marketing plan. If you need help running an email marketing campaign for your company, let OneCom Media & Marketing help. Give us a call to discuss email marketing and all your digital marketing needs today.