Establish your Niche when Creating your Website

It’s very important to know what your company does best and stick to it! When creating your website you must understand your niche. All too often, a business veers away from what they do best. Typically, their reasoning is they want to broaden their services, they want to do everything. So instead of doing one thing great, they expand and do multiple things mediocre at best. Did Shaquille O’Neal decide to hang out at the 3 point line because he wanted to become an intricate basketball player? No, he was a 7 foot 1 mack track that could overpower any defender near the basket. He stuck with what worked and became the best center in the history of the NBA. Find your niche and become the best in that specific field. When you spread yourself too thin your customers will notice and the competition will exhaust you. Competition is one of the main reasons you must find your niche when creating a website.

Fierce competition when creating a website

Whether you need a website for your dog grooming business or pluming service, there will be competition. Do one thing great and your potential customers will notice. Advertise one special trait for your business and you will expunge the competition. Focus on specific keywords and specific attributes on your website and you will establish a brand. For example, lets say you are a dog groomer. Instead of focusing on “Dog Groomer”, how about you focus on “Labrador retriever Dog Groomer.” The most popular dog breed in the USA and also a breed that needs to constantly be groomed. Yes, you will miss out on some business from other breeds, but you will make up for it many times over by specifically focusing on this breed. Customers do their research, they want to find the perfect match. Until they do, they will move on to the next competitor. By finding your niche, your company will become dynamic in that specific spot. You will become an absolute expert and your clients will notice that. This will dramatically increase your repeat business. Also, think about all of the “word of mouth” customers you will get. Between repeat business and “word of mouth” customers your company will consistently be on the rise. These are just a few of the many ideas and concepts that OneCom Media utilizes in Website Development. Focus on your niche and your business will become more profitable. Credit for photo can be found on this link.

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