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Does your Review Management Service include answering past Google reviews?

Our Review Management Service give any company big or small the ability to go back and answer all of their past Google reviews. The service is really powerful because Google values online reputation so greatly, and your relevance on Google and the amount your company shows up in local search is impacted by any online reputation issues. Our service can allow you to answer all of those past Google reviews whether you have 50 unanswered Google reviews or 500,000, unanswered Google reviews we can help.

Does OneCom Media & Marketing only work with large companies?

Our company works with the Fortune 500 as well as small business accounts. We have created two business groups within our agency to ensure that each of our Partners gets the right services and support. Our General Business Group works with small business owners while our Enterprise Group woks with medium to large enterprise accounts. 

Does OneCom Media & Marketing work with companies across the US?

We work with companies based across the United States. Although we are based in Mason, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, our agency has provided digital marketing services and developed Partnerships with companies from around the country.

How do you price your services?

We want to ensure that we are always providing the most impactful online marketing services and solutions. We realize that every Partner’s needs are different, so we customize the digital marketing strategy for each Partner. Once we have done this, we provide both a la carte pricing and multiple services program pricing so you can choose which works best for your internet marketing needs. 

Is Google My Business Listing Management Service your most popular service?

We offer a wide variety of services, and we know they are all impactful for our Partners. Our Google My Business Listings Management Service is high on the list for our Fortune 500 customers and our small business customers. The service allows any company to grow their relevance on Google and show up more in search. It gives them the ability to win at local search and this can be game changing for any company.

What Google specific services do you provide?

With about 96% of all searches going through Google, it is extremely important for most companies to win on Google if they want to maximize their success. We have a team of Google experts who are focused on helping our Partners excel and win on Google. We offer four key Google services.

  1. Google My Business Listing Management
  2. Google Ads Management
  3. Google Local (Google Guarantee)
  4. Google Review Management Services
Tell me more about your proprietary digital marketing software programs.

We have three teams of highly skilled website designers, app developers, and software developers that work for our agency. Our agency has created multiple proprietary digital marketing software programs that allow our Partners to see data in ways their competition cannot, get more Google reviews faster, and gain a competitive advantage. We have also created developed custom websites, apps, and software for our Partners as well.