Geofencing and Marketing

Looking for a new way to enhance your marketing? With OneCom Media & Marketing, you know you are working with a company on the front lines of the latest digital marketing trends. One of the biggest new trends is with geofencing. With geofencing and marketing, you’ll be able to target customers based on their locations like never before.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a way to get customers away from your competitors and into your location. To get started, you’ll select a location on a map. That location should be close to your business, as it’s the geographic area you want to target. Once you identify your target area, you’ll “draw” (or set) a boundary line. Whoever is in that boundary line at a specific time and leaves a competitor will get a notification of a special deal you have. The whole purpose of geofencing is trying to get someone who visited your competitor to visit you instead.

How is Geofencing Implemented?

First, and most importantly, people must opt-in to geofencing deals. You can’t just drop special deals into people’s phone without their permission. The way you go about getting permission is going to depend on the business you run, but you do have some options.

Once you have someone’s approval for geofencing, you’ll want to come up with some kind of deal to get them into your business after they’ve left your competitor. Maybe it’s a special deal. Whichever way you choose, make sure you have a way for people to see the information. This is where an email list or mobile app comes in handy.

Geofencing Increases Localization and Personalization

We live in a world where personalization means a lot to people. With geofencing, you control the amount of personalization that goes into the deal. You’ll also want to make sure the notification of the deal goes out immediately as the perspective new client leaves your competitor. It won’t do your customer any good if the notification comes a few days later, especially if they’ve already purchased from your competitor.

Just like people like personalization, they also like localization. Depending on how large your geofenced location is, it may make it easy for people to stop by your business and browse your selection. Plus, geofencing can help your search engine optimization. If more people from your area are going to and posting about your business, you’re going to rank higher on the first page of search engines.

Geofencing Increases Engagement

Engaging with customers helps turn them from one-time customers to repeat customers. Having repeat customers is a good thing. First off, it gets your business in their mind. Then, when they need something again, they know where to go. Additionally, they’ll be more likely to tell others about their experience. Increasing engagement helps get new customers while still retaining your current customer base.

The days of struggling to find new customers are over. With OneCom Media & Marketing, we offer real solutions that help drive your business and maximize results. Ready to see how geofencing and marketing can help increase your business? Give OneCom Media & Marketing a call today.