What is Geofencing?

With constantly rising mobile usage in the population, mobile marketing has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. With this rise, many marketers use geofencing campaigns to build a customer base. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we specialize in geofencing campaigns to help generate more leads, sales, and new customers for your business.

Defining Geofencing

Geofencing uses virtual boundaries as a location-based service. To start, we’ll set a virtual boundary of a specific location based on our research or where you recommend it. Then, when someone’s mobile device enters that boundary, they may start to receive notifications from your business. This happens through GPS location, cellular data, or other means. Additionally, people can receive follow up messages depending on the length of your geofencing campaign.

How Geofencing Works

To set up geofencing, administrators need to establish a boundary or geographical fence. As people walk into the fenced area, they receive advertising alerts or notifications from your business. Since users must opt to use location-based services for geofencing to work, a geofence is set up within the code of a mobile app.

Benefits of Geofencing

Among the benefits of geofencing include:

Better Data Collection

By implementing these campaigns, you’ll receive insightful data. Next, you can use the data to make business decisions. For example, you might be able to deduce which target segment has higher traffic patterns, messaging effectiveness, engagement, and stay durations. Therefore, you can make more informed choices regarding your business.

More Effective Targeting

These campaigns allow you to target users in a particular geographic area, filtering the area with specific targeting criteria. This way, you’re able to hyper-target prospects, allowing you to reach your target audience at the right place and at the right time. Additionally, you can engage users with timely and relevant messaging as well.

Achieve Competitive Advantages

When deciding where to establish your virtual fence, you’ll want to consider your location. Additionally, you’ll want to think about where your targeted customers are likely to be found. With the right virtual fencing, you’ll get a strong competitive edge over the competition.

To sum it up, geofencing gives you an effective business tactic to promote growth. When it comes to owning a business, regularly having more sales and customers is a top priority for business owners.

Through geofencing campaigns and other digital marketing services that OneCom Media & Marketing provides, we can help give you more sales, leads, and new customers. If you wish to generate high-quality leads, reach out to OneCom Media & Marketing, which offers top lead generation services. Additionally, we also offer website design, Google My Business management, and more digital marketing services to help grow your business.