Finding Your Google Business Profile

In today’s day and age, being able to be found on Google is extremely important if you want to grow your business. With over 3.5 billion Google searches per day the easiest way to attract new customers is online. A Google Business Profile on Google My Business is the best way connect to all of these new customers. But if you cannot find your Google Business Profile, how will they find you? Here is a deep dive into finding your Google Business Profile.

Create or Claim Your Google Business Profile

When trying to find your profile, the first step you should take is making sure that your business already has created a listing. If you have not created your profile yet, you’ll have to start from scratch by going to Google Business Profile and clicking getting started. If you are sure you have already created your listing, then you will have to type in your business name and click on the “Claim this business” button. You will then have to follow some verification steps to prove this is your business.

Verify Your Profile

If you cannot find your profile when you look it up on Google, the listing might not be verified. This is a common problem as Google will not show the listing until it is verified. Verify your business, by making sure that all your information is accurate. Also make sure that you are the only person with access to the listing. To prove the business is yours, you will have to give Google some proof. This will be in the form of phone calls, mail, email, etc. To start the verification process, check out this page on verifying your business on Google.

Update Your Info

Another reason you may not be able to find your business on Google is because your information is not up to date. In order for your profile to be more relevant, Google wants to see that you update your listing to keep customers up-to date with correct and creative information. To update your information, login to your Google account and go to info to change and update your listing. As a result of updating your information google takes anywhere up to 3 days to reflect these changes in search. Once Google updates, check to make sure you can now find your listing.

Follow Google’s Guidelines

If your information is not within Google’s guidelines, Google will often change or remove your Google Business Profile. To make sure you stay within these guidelines you will want to check out this explanation from Google on their guidelines. This will tell you exactly how to follow Google’s rules. If you are not within the guidelines, Google will send you a message explaining why. Once you make the necessary changes, contact Google support to let them know. They should respond helping you get you profile up and visible.

Your Google Business Profile is what connects your business to over 90% of the internet. Without having a great Google Business Profile presence, it is impossible to attract new customers from Google. At OneCom Media & Marketing we specialize in helping you attract new customers with your Google Business Profile. Contact our team at OneCom Media & Marketing today to get started on growing your business.