Increasing Your Google Relevancy

Looking for ways to help with increasing your Google relevancy? When it comes to search engines, Google is by far the most popular one. According to Statista, over 90% of desktop searches are through Google. It is essential your business understands the best ways to generate leads and attract new customers through Google.

A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) helps businesses gain new leads. A business’s Google Business Profile is a side bar that appears on the right side of your screen. It details your company’s basic business information. Additionally, it contains business reviews and photos and videos. Finally, allows customers to click on buttons that lead to your business’s website. Also, it allows people to call you and see your social media.

In recent years, Google Business Profile popularity has increased over the years. However, only a minority of businesses understand how to operate their Google Business Profile properly. If you are a growing business that wants to generate leads and customers through the internet, then here are the five must-have tips you need to optimize your Google Business Profile.

Update Contact Information

When a potential customer looks at your Google Business Profile, most likely the first thing they will see is your business’s information. This information includes your business’s hours of operation, address, phone number, website, and much more. It is absolutely necessary that all of this information is filled out correctly and updated immediately if any changes occur.

Additionally, it’s one of the easiest ways to help with increasing your Google relevancy. Your profile allows potential customers to click on the links to contact your business. If you have the wrong information, potential new customers will have a harder time reaching you. Thus, they may entirely write your business off and not work with you.

Secondly, Google will reduce online relevance if you have incorrect information. This can make it even harder for new customers to find your business. By having the correct information, your business will be on its way to connecting more with potential customers and increasing the amount of relevance your business will have on Google.

Photos, Photos, PHOTOS!

Long story short, you can never have too many quality photos and videos. Remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” By adding photos and videos to your profile your business shows insight into what exactly business does. Also, it provides familiarity with your business.

When it comes to photos, the best type to upload are real photos. Essentially, that means any photo taken by a professional photographer, employer, or even a colleague helps in adding relevance to your business. Additionally, it gives Google a chance to learn and gain insight about your company. The more real photos your business uploads the more optimized your Google Business Profile will become.

If your business struggles with compiling photos don’t worry; stock photos are a good second option. While stock photos do not allow for Google to learn most effectively about what your business does, almost all stock photos look professional and still do a good job in communicating to your potential customers the services/products your business offers.

Similarly to photos, you can never have enough high-quality videos. Video is a great way to communicate to potential customers the value your business offers. Also, video is a great tool to communicate your story effectively by creating familiarity through images and clips while also providing information through words and scripts.

Respond to Customer Reviews

When a potential customer views your Google Business Profile, he or she will immediately see your Google rating. This range goes from one to five stars. Overall, it has a profound impact when it comes to the effectiveness of your Google Business Profile. If your business has a low star rating, this could possibly discourage potential customers. Additionally, it will reduce the amount of leads and revenue your business generates. In order to avoid this conflict, one of the most effective ways to positively communicate with your audience is by responding to ALL customer reviews.

Make sure you respond to the customer with a genuine sense of interest. Additionally, use it as a way to increase your online relevance so your profile remains active. If you are responding to a good review, this presents an opportunity for your business to promote its values and goals as well. You should always thank the customer and respond by explaining how your business strives for excellence in the area the customer commented on. Whether that’s having quality customer service or providing a great product, it is important to show your appreciation to every customer that submits a good review.

Responding to Negative Customer Reviews

On the other hand, when concerning negative reviews, it is still highly important you respond to them as well. As noted earlier, responding to any type of review shows a genuine sense of interest from your business into what the customer is saying. One unique aspect of responding to a negative review is it also provides the chance for your business to gain quality feedback on how it could improve in the future.

As a whole, it is important to listen to negative reviews, especially if multiple ones are describing the same problem in your business over and over again. If customers keep identifying the same problem, your business should respond immediately by fixing the issue so future customer don’t experience the same problem.

Maintain a Consistent Post Schedule

One unique aspect of Google Business Profile is the service allows your business to upload posts on a regular basis. Posts provide a great chance for your business to directly reach your potential customers. Whether it’s introducing a new product, increasing awareness for an upcoming event, or even promoting a national holiday, content for posts can range from a variety of messages in order to market and increase your business’s relevance.

Whenever you post on your Google Business Profile, it is important to always insert at least one photo or video in the post. By including a photo or video in your post, it gives a better image of your business and the value it offers. Additionally, it provides another opportunity for Google to learn about your business.

While you post, you want to create a consistent posting schedule in order to reach your target audience effectively. By having a consistent post schedule, your potential customers are more likely to tune in and pay attention to your posts. If you want your business to gain online relevance and have an active Google Business Profile, posting is one of the best methods to promote your business.

If you’re looking for ways to help with increasing your Google relevancy through regular posting, OneCom Media & Marketing can help.

Upload Links to Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest growing forms of media. Additionally, it has already made a huge impact on the marketing world. When it comes to your business’s social media, your profile serves as the perfect platform for companies to visit your social media. Understandably, not every business has an active social media account.

However, if your business is engaging and promoting through the use of Google Business Profile, we recommend creating some type of social media presence. Overall, it helps boost your business’s online relevance. If you need help with setting up social media accounts, we can help.

Near the bottom of your profile you will see an option that allows you to upload any links to your social media accounts. Your profile also allows the ability to display any reviews or ratings you may have on other social media accounts. For example; if your business has a 5-star rating on Facebook, your Google profile will display the Facebook rating, increasing your credibility and favor with potential customers.

By uploading links to your business’s social media, it provides yet another opportunity for potential customers to gain a more in-depth view about the value your company can offer. The more information you can upload to your Google Business Profile, the more relevance you will gain on Google.

If the thought of having to do so many things for increasing your Google relevancy, you have nothing to worry about. OneCom Media & Marketing is here to help. We’ve worked with different companies to help them with increasing their Google relevancy and we can do the same for you. Ready to get started? Contact OneCom Media & Marketing today.