Local Guide Reviews

Reviews are crucial to your business. The average person trusts online reviews just as much as an in-person recommendation. That is just one of the reasons we stress reviews to our partners. If you have looked at your company’s Google reviews, you may see some people’s reviews are labeled as local guides. Local guide reviews are unique to Google. It’s a free program anyone can opt into through Google Maps. If you are curious about local guide reviews, we have compiled the basics of the program so you can choose whether this is right for you.

What are Google Local Guides?

Google Local Guides are people who opt-in to a Google Maps program. Through the program, you leave reviews for different businesses just like people do if they are not local guides. However, once you opt-in to the local guides program, you start earning points towards your profile. Different point levels get you different things. If you have a lot of opinions on businesses in your area, you may enjoy being a local guide and reviewing different companies around you.

How Do You Become a Local Guide

In order to be a local guide on Google, you need to opt-in to the program. It is completely free to become a local guide, so cost shouldn’t be a factor in whether you become a local guide. Anyone can be a local guide; you just need to have a Google account. So, if you have a Gmail, you have the option of becoming a local guide.

What Should You Post?

When it comes to posting, the more specifics you provide, the better. If you review a restaurant, posting things like “good” or “yummy” doesn’t do any good for people who use reviews as recommendations. Instead, talk about whether the wait staff was attentive, what you enjoyed from the menu, and the atmosphere about the place. The more details you provide, the more you help the business and help people make more informed choices.

You don’t just have to use words in your reviews. If you have something you want to show off visually, whether it’s something good or bad, you can post photos. Photos and text each earn you points towards your profile. The more points you have, the more you’ve contributed.

Be Truthful

Most importantly, you need to be truthful and honest in your review. When you choose to be a local guide, you promise that the information you provide in your reviews are truthful and do not contain foul language of any kind. Also, do not post any fake reviews of a place. It is unethical and you will face consequences from Google. In fact, some local guides have been kicked out of the program for breaking this rule.

Choosing to be a local guide is a decision only you can make. If you have opinions on good or bad places in your area, you may enjoy posting local guide reviews. At OneCom Media & Marketing, our team understands the value of reviews for your business and works alongside you to get more reviews for your business. If this is something you need for your company, contact OneCom Media & Marketing today.