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The rise of mobile usage is no surprise anymore.  People are attached to their mobile devices, and mobile use from a personal users and business user’s perspective is growing.

With the increase in mobile usage, to years ago Google began to crack down on non mobile-friendly websites and penalize them in the search engine rankings.  Google has made it a requirement that all websites must be mobile-friendly in order to maximize rankings.  This means your website must be built and optimized to work well on any mobile device (developed in a mobile responsive format and or as a mobile website application).

What Should You Do If Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

  • Full Website Redesign: If you had been planning on doing a full website redesign then make sure you develop your new website in a responsive website design.
  • Retrofit Your Current Site to Responsive: In the event that you are not prepared to do a create a new website, then you should try to retrofit your current website as soon as possible.
  • Build a Mobile Website: Mobile websites are built specifically for mobile devices. They take the place of your website when your website is searched via a mobile device.

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Key Mobile Website Design Stats

OneCom Media Offers Mobile Website Design Services

  • Users are 5x more likely to leave a website that is not mobile friendly - (Google Small Business)
  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. (socPub)
  • 80% of social media time is spent on a mobile device. (comScore).
  • 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine --but 33% go directly to the site they want. (Smart Insights)
  • By 2018 American adults are expected to spend on average 3 hours and 23 minutes on non-voice mobile media (eMarketer)

Mobile Website Design Services At OneCom Media 

Mobile Website Design Services

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