Web Conferencing and Webinars

If the COVID-19 outbreak taught us anything over the last year and a half, it’s that web conferencing and webinars act as crucial ways for companies to reach their customers. Maybe you’re new to all things web conferencing and webinars. If that’s the case, let the web conferencing and webinar experts at OneCom Media & Marketing help you sort through the best practices. That way, your first web conferencing or webinar goes smoothly.

Web Conferencing and Webinar Basics

Overall, web conferencing and webinars mean the same thing. Both accomplish ways for your team to get a video message out to a wide range of people. Both provide interactive ways where you can communicate with the people viewing the video. And, because it’s a video, you have a way to incorporate the video into your digital marketing plan. It’s an easy way to show you have authority on a certain topic. With consistent advancements in webcams and audio on computers, web conferencing and webinars present a new way to communicate with your audience.

Items to Include

Web conferencing and webinars gives you a way to present content to someone in a dynamic setting. Take advantage of what these offer and use them in your video.

No one wants to watch a monotonous video where someone talks in the same tone the entire time. Don’t be afraid to incorporate vocal inflection into the conference. It will help keep people’s attention on what you discuss.

Next, use a whiteboard to write down the main concepts. Remember to reference the whiteboard at key points during the presentation so people watching take notes.

Additionally, each member of your team has the ability to create slides for the conference. That way, if you divide the conference into sections, each person who has knowledge on a certain area speaks to what they know.

How Many People Should Be Present

Depending on the platform used, different numbers can join the web conference and have no issues. In some cases, an unlimited number of people can join a webinar. However, it’s important to make sure the system you use has enough power to support multiple people. At times, it’s best to have the necessary people on the webinar. Just remember to record the webinar so people who couldn’t join still see the knowledge shared.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Before you start a web conference and webinar, plan a distraction free zone. That means pets shouldn’t make an unexpected appearance during the conference. Also, you’ll want to make sure that space won’t have any unnecessary noises or sounds that distract from the overall message. Additionally, choose a space with a neutral background to eliminate any distractions for the people viewing the conference.

Don’t make these rookie web conferencing and webinar mistakes while you host one. Instead, turn to the experts at OneCom Media & Marketing. We’ll help you along the way. Even if you don’t need web conferencing and webinar experience, let us show what we can do for your digital marketing program. Ready to get started? Contact us now.