Five Reasons Your Website Is Not Ranking OneCom Media & Marketing

Five Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking

You finally found a viable website development company to create your website. Best part, they gave you a great deal. After it’s all done, you realize the bad news: your website isn’t ranking.  You start to wonder what went wrong. After all, having a website for your business is one thing. Having a website ranking on search engines is a completely different matter. You didn’t spend money on a website just for the image. You spent money on a website to drive sales and give information to potential customers so they will buy your product. There are some reasons why your website may not be ranking on the search engines.

No Social Media

Four out of five small business websites don’t have social media links. Links for these sites should be on the top page of your front page. Think of social media as another way of advertising. Why wouldn’t you put these links somewhere noticeable to the random eye? OneCom Media & Marketing will certainly do that for you.

Typically the problem isn’t as simple as this. Usually there is a specific reason the social media links aren’t available. It’s because the company doesn’t have organized pages and are afraid of what potential customers will think. You can’t become detached from your accounts. If you are too busy and need assistance keeping up with the latest trends, OneCom Media & Marketing offers a variety of packages to keep your profiles up to date.

Your Content is Paper Thin

If you don’t write enough per article, Google is never going to rank you. Your main goal is to rank high with Google. That way, when people type in your keywords, your company appears on the front page. If you aren’t a writer maybe it’s time you consider to hire someone that is. We specialize in writing search engine optimized articles for our clients.


Your competition works against you for customers. They also compete against you online as well. Adjusting your keywords can help. Make minor adjustments so your keywords are unique. Think about what unique words your customers would use to search for your services on the web and use them for yourself.

Mobile Unfriendly Website

Most customers are searching websites through their cell phone. Screen size compatibility is highly important. Unfortunately, many websites aren’t mobile friendly. Imagine a customer is looking at your website through their phone. They are constantly adjusting the size of each page on their phone. How long before they give up on your website and move to a competitors? They don’t care that your services are better, they just want a company with a mobile friendly site.

Unresponsive Website Developers

Wait, the people that created your website are the actual problem? Yep, pretty much. Fifty-two percent of customers surveyed after a year from when their website was created assert that the website was a failure. It’s the responsibility of the website design company to be proactive. Do your research. Make sure you are hiring a trustworthy, proactive, educated website development company.

One of the main points of having a website is having it rank on search engines. But, if your website isn’t properly optimized, its ranking on search engines is also affected. Instead of getting frustrated, get in touch with us. We offer SEO services alongside our website development.