Keywords to Land Your Company on the Front Page of Google OneCom Media & Marketing

Keywords to Land on the Front Page

We live in an ever changing world. As companies continue to utilize online marketing, keywords for your company have become increasingly important. When a potential customer searches the web you want your business to appear at the top of their search. You want your keywords to match up with what customers type in search engines. It’s important to figure out the correct keywords to land your company on the front page of Google.

Keyword Tactics to Rank High on Google

You need tactics that work. Accomplishing this however is a little bit trickier than you would think. With so many competitors also relying on keywords, you have to go above and beyond to make it to the first page of Google. First, you must ask yourself what your customers searching and what are you doing with keywords to reach those customers? To be successful you have to use tactics that work.

Keywords Increase Conversion Opportunities

Most companies are after conversion, but how do you drive more conversion opportunities? It is certainly a question most companies should be asking. Conversion is when you draw traffic to your website and as a result of a call to action, those visitors are converted to leads and sales. Other examples of conversion could be a customer filling out a form or downloading something from your website. Impressions are driven by branding and a clear call to action. You want people to find your company website based on what they search for. Once they find your website you must have a clear call to action and a way to convert those visitors.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Don’t base your keywords solely on high search traffic. If you want to have keywords that will land you on the front page of Google, you have to think outside of the box. High search traffic means that a lot of your competitors will be using the same terms. The competition is fierce when trying to develop keywords to land your company on the front page of Google. This means that you will be up against more and more competition when trying to land on the front page of Google. If you are after conversions, you should use very specific and unique keywords. Broader search terms typically means more competition so choose wisely.

Relevant Keyword Tips

Finally, make sure they are relevant to your business. Relevant keywords can help to get your company on the front page of Google.  If someone searches for “laptop charger” and comes across your website page that immediately lists something different, they are going to instantly exit out of your page. Google calculates failed conversions. The more failed conversions means the more likely you will drop in rankings. You don’t want to disappoint your potential customers. Give them what they want. Make sure your keywords are relevant to what you are trying to convert,  use these relevant keyword tips and watch your keyword success grow.

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