5 Ways QR Code Services Can Separate Your Business from the CompetitionQR codes are quickly becoming a popular way to interact with customers, though they have been around for nearly three decades. By introducing a modern, technology-driven solution, businesses can stand out from the competition by offering customers an experience that is both convenient and engaging. Here’s a look at five ways QR code services can help separate your business from the pack.

QR Code Services Allow for Data Collection

One of the most useful features of QR codes is their ability to collect customer data. By including a placed QR code on your website or in print materials, you can track user activity and give customers access to exclusive content such as special offers or discounts. You can also use this data to run targeted campaigns and better understand customer preferences.

Mobile Experience Improves with QR Code Services

QR codes allow businesses to create interactive experiences for users who visit their websites on mobile devices. For example, they can be used to link users directly to product pages or download pages or provide access to exclusive content like videos or whitepapers. This makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for without having to navigate through multiple pages on their mobile device.


A great way to attract new customers is by making it easy for existing customers to share your content with their networks. With QR codes, customers have an easier time sharing links with friends and family which helps spread awareness about your business in a secure and efficient manner. Additionally, some QR code services offer the option to customize their own unique codes that link back directly to their accounts which makes it even easier for them share your content with others.

Improve Online Reputation

Incorporating QR codes into your business strategy can be a savvy way to boost your number of Google reviews. QR codes provide a seamless and user-friendly method for customers to access your Google review page instantly. By strategically placing QR codes in visible areas within your physical store, on receipts, or even on marketing materials, you make it incredibly convenient for customers to leave their feedback. This eliminates the need for them to manually search for your business online, simplifying the process and increasing the likelihood of them taking the time to leave a review.

Furthermore, QR codes can offer an element of immediacy. Satisfied customers often have positive experiences fresh in their minds when they complete their transactions. By encouraging them to leave a review right then and there through a QR code, you capitalize on their positive sentiments, resulting in more authentic and enthusiastic reviews. Remember to provide a clear call-to-action alongside the QR code, guiding customers on how to scan it and leave their feedback. Overall, the implementation of QR codes in your review acquisition strategy can not only streamline the process for your customers but also lead to a noticeable uptick in your Google review count, boosting your online reputation and credibility.

Boosting Efficiency

Last but not least, using QR code services can help increase efficiency within your organization by streamlining processes related to customer interaction and data collection/analysis activities associated with marketing efforts. By utilizing these tools, businesses can quickly generate customized codes that link directly back into specific areas of their systems and easily track user activity in real time without having spend hours manually inputting data into Excel spreadsheets each day!

The use of QR code services is becoming increasingly popular among businesses as more people become familiarized with how these technologies work and what advantages they bring when compared against traditional methods of customer engagement/data collection/content sharing activities – all while providing an extra layer of security against potential malicious actors trying gain illegal access into organizations’ private systems! When combined together correctly, these solutions provide businesses with powerful tools that will help them stand out from the competition while simultaneously boosting efficiency within internal operations related tasks mentioned above! Contact OneCom Media & Marketing to get started today.