Real Time Advertising: Why It's Important OneCom Media & Marketing

You have many things you need to keep an eye on for your job. One of them should be focusing on generating sales. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want to trust you. Therefore, you need to build relationships with consumers. Competition is high. After all, you have many competitors and products in the market. It takes a lot to stand out in the crowd. The best strategy is using available sources efficiently. Using social media helps brands develop. Additionally, social media keeps consumers engaged. One strategy in use today is real time advertising. Real time advertising has the potential to produce results.

What is Real Time Advertising?

Real time advertising is an approach for brands to engage with their customers based on real time information. This information is based on consumer behavior and actions on a website. Most brands seek to engage with consumers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms allow you to engage with your audience through active discussions, current trends, or events.

Therefore, RTA enables you to have a flexible schedule that doesn’t stick to a time table. Social media advertising strategy depends on breaking news, relevant events, and customer feedback, which is immediate.

Types of Real Time Advertising

Different methods of RTA work for different brands. What works for one company may not work for you. However, you can find some commonalities. Below, you’ll find some of the more common uses.

  • Social media engagement: this is the response from the customers after they take the service or product.
  • Live event promotion: this varies from conference coverage to trade shows.
  • Triggered emails: automatic emails sent to customers after they’ve done something.
  • Breaking social media events coverage: trends that take social media by a storm like #thedress.
  • Deals based on location: these deals appear when the user is in a specific location.

Challenge Faced by Real Time Advertisers

Since consumers are more open to handing out their personal information online, they demand a more specified experience. A generic, standardized or template-based advertising message isn’t appealing. Consumers like personalized messages and want the information they need most.

The Importance of Real Time Advertising

The ability to study data in real-time has become a necessity for advertisers. In order to gain a competitive advantage over competitors, it is important for brands to gather and evaluate data in real-time. Brands can measure the ROI and CPA live and understand what is going on.

This also makes it convenient for brands to take immediate action and study consumer behavior live. Analyzing real-time data is another skill that has many advantages. If analyzed correctly, companies can make accurate, informed decisions.

Product and consumer details can be tracked using URLs dedicated to that. This helps brands make changes immediately. If they notice consumers having a hard time in navigation on a website, brands can make changes to improve their user experience.

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