Link Building Basics

In terms of search engine results pages, you want your business to be on the front page. Even more, you want your business listed as the top result. Once you get to the front page, your work isn’t done. You have plenty of work to do to remain on that front page. One way to help your business remain on the first page of results is through link building. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we’re committed to helping businesses build their online relevancy. By following these link building basics, we can help improve your company’s online relevancy.

What is Link Building?

Link building is exactly what it sounds like. In order for Google to view your company as a more viable option for customers, it looks to see if other businesses have linked to your website as a place for informative information. Additionally, Google also looks at your website to determine if you effectively link to other pages on your site. You want to link where it makes the most sense to link. Google will know right away if you’re linking for the sake of linking instead of linking to relevant content.

How Does it Work?

It seems like Google always changes its algorithm for relevancy. Even though many different things change in terms of how Google views different business’ relevancy, one thing has remained consistent: Google looks at how many times you use links on your website. That factors in to how relevant Google views your business. In order to increase your relevancy, you’ll want to continue to link build. Again, you want to make sure you link where it makes the most sense.

As you start, know that this is going to be a time-consuming process. Link building and SEO doesn’t just happen overnight. But with patience and perseverance, the process will get easier and you’ll climb higher on Google’s relevancy.

How to Naturally Build Up Links

First off, take a step back and look at the content on your page. Do you see any places where links can be naturally inserted? If that’s the case, include a link to that page. Over time, as you build up your company’s content, it will be easier to determine where to link to certain types of content. The more types of content you have, the more you position your business to be the authoritative voice on the products and services you sell.

How SEO and Link Building Go Hand-in-Hand

One major component of SEO is including outbound and inbound links on your pages. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects for link building basics. It should be fairly easy to have internal links on multiple pages of your website. Outbound links can be a little bit more of a challenge but are worth it in the end. Just be sure you aren’t linking to competitors. You want to make sure links you include make a potential customer want to work with you, not a competitor.

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