SEO Puts You on the First Page of Google OneCom Media & Marketing

When it comes to search engines, you want to be on the front page. After all, few people go through multiple pages on search engines to find what they’re looking for. If you aren’t on the first page, you’re losing out on prospective business. It is vitally important for your business to appear in the top ten search results. This applies to all search engines, not just Google. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) that brings your website to the top when a user types in a keyword or key phrase is a make-or-break opportunity. Companies in the Information Age must understand the importance of SEO or end up trailing the competition and eating their virtual dust.

Why SEO Matters

The link to your website has about a 40 percent chance of being clicked if it’s the number one position in search results. If your link doesn’t appear on the first page (usually the first ten results), the story gets downright tragic.

First-page search results grab nearly 90 percent of all click-through traffic. By the numbers, it breaks down like this: the second position receives nearly 12 percent click-through, the third position receives a little over 8 percent, a touch over 6 percent at the fourth position, and descending rates of less than 5 percent for the rest of the first page results. These numbers will vary by source, but they’ll give you a benchmark for the next couple of years.

More Data for SEO

Data tracking shows 75 percent of users don’t look beyond the first page. You might see it the same way most others do. They judge the top results to be the most relevant and the lower ones not worth their time.

If you’re on the second page of Google, you might be doing something right. But take it to the next level. With help from a knowledgeable digital marketing provider, you can strengthen your SEO.

Your brand will benefit, too. Being seen in the top positions improves your brand image, so you are perceived as a leader in your industry as a trusted, go-to source.

Thousands of others are competing for your business to be top dog. Will you eat or be eaten? Start by sharpening your teeth and your search results by speaking with an expert. For all your digital marketing needs, contact us now.