Growing Your Business Using Social Media

Getting new customers to your business can be hard. Without a great social media profile, getting new customers is even harder. Over 231 million people use social media in the U.S alone, and that number will only get larger. In order to grow your business successfully, social media will be crucial. Here is an overview of how to grow your business using social media.

Account Creation and Branding

The first step to growing your business using social media will be creating your social media accounts. Whatever your business name is, start by finding and use that username. Next set your profile photo as your business logo, and create a bio that explains your product or service to customers. The best social media platforms are the ones with the most people using them. A few examples are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Choose the platforms you wish to focus on, and create your business’s profile. After that brand your different accounts to your business. Now that the setup is over, it is time to start growing on social media.

Quality of Services and Products

Before getting into the specifics of growing your business on social media, it is important to review your business’s quality of service or product. Even the best marketing in the world is limited if it is for an awful product. Prior to focusing on the marketing for the product be sure to focus on the quality of the product. Once you are sure that what your business is selling, is quality, you are ready to start the marketing. One of the main keys to growing your business on social media is having consumer trust in what you are selling.

Consistent and Quality Content

After creating your social media profile, and bettering the quality of your service/product, you are ready to begin marketing! A quote that is often used in marketing is “content is king” but the quote should be “Quality & consistent content is king” When you start releasing content on whichever social media platforms you choose, focus first on making sure your content is good. A few keys to creating good content are:

  • Relates to business service/product
  • Solves common customer desire/question
  • Simple to understand & visually pleasing

In addition to the quality, the content should also be consistent. Going to any business’s social media and seeing that they have not posted in a while shows a lack in marketing. This is not good for growth. Aim to post some form of quality content daily to see great results.

Connecting with New People and Ads

Social media connects you to more potential customers than ever before, but it only works if you try to connect with them! Having a quality product paired with consistent and valuable content on your social media will help bring in many customers, but the key to a successful business is constant growth! Start creating this constant growth by interacting with more people. How? Well to start, commenting, liking, and following others is a great way to connect with new people. In addition you can create ads! Ads are a great tool to reach out to potential customers in large volumes at a low price. As with normal content, quality and consistency is key with ads as well.

Using social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in today’s world. If you are not, you are missing out on tons of new customers and tons of success. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we know that it is hard enough to run, manage, and grow your business all at once. That is why we want to help grow your business for you! Contact our team today to start growing your business using powerful tools like social media today.