Make the Most of Paid Media

Paid media is becoming another way for your business to gain online relevance. But you want to make sure the money you spend on ads is worth it in the end. After all, you wouldn’t want to keep putting money into a system that doesn’t provide you with results. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we understand that. That’s why we work with you to find the right mix of paid and organic media. Combining the two will help you see more results with your marketing plan. In order to make the most of paid media, working with us is your best option.

Monitor Everything Constantly

One of the biggest rules in paid media is that you need monitor everything. When you monitor everything, you know which platform has the best engagement with your paid media. For instance, if you have a hunch that LinkedIn and YouTube perform better than Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have the data to see if it’s true. And, if it does end up being true, you’ll have the data to justify redistributing your ad budget to maximize the ads posted in more successful places.

Promote All Content Accordingly

When it comes to promoting content, you want to make sure it’s the best content available. You also want to make sure the promoted content works the best on the platform where it’s promoted. For instance, you wouldn’t want to promote something with a lot of text on YouTube, which is only videos. In the same fashion, you’d want to post a white paper on LinkedIn, where it’s likely to receive more interaction compared to other platforms.

Use Geofencing to Your Advantage

Geofencing has risen in popularity over the last few years as a way to draw people in. Geofencing uses location data to target people with ads if they were recently nearby your business. You’ll want to provide them with some kind of incentive for visiting your website and making a purchase. That can be in the form of a discounted product or something available to them at no cost. You can also use it to target people who visited any of your competitors.

Split Test All Your Ads

Split testing is a big deal in marketing. Just by swapping out one color or photo, you can make a huge difference on any ad you run. If you’re unsure of something with an ad, test it out in two different ways. Even if you think the ad is perfect the way it is, see if making one specific change makes a difference.

Use Landing Pages Effectively

Finally, use landing pages to your advantage. But you also want to use them effectively. A landing page should encourage a person to continue on with a sale. By making it as simple as possible, you’re helping to make the most of your paid media.

Paid media shouldn’t be a waste of your company’s hard-earned money. When it’s implemented correctly, it should be a benefit for your business. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we know the best practices related to paid media and organic media. We’re ready to help grow your business. Contact OneCom Media & Marketing now.