Your Corporate Social Media Presence

In today’s fast pace business world, it is crucial to understand how your company should market on social media. Having a corporate social media presence has become a key component in the success of a company’s marketing strategy. OneCom Media & Marketing is here to provide you with social media marketing statistics that will help show why social media branding, engagement, and content are so important to building your online brand.

Rising Marketing Tactic

The Content Marketing Institute reported that social media has become the most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90% of business to consumer businesses. This proves that your presence really matters. Additionally, it showcases how representing your company on these platforms is important. Knowing which networks to use, how to engage, and your presence play in to how customers see your company’s interactions.

Customer Recommendations

Social media helps brand your company and increase engagement. The many platforms can help your company win new customers, generate new leads, and show your customers that your company is paying attention. Also, it helps to establish new relationships. Martech Series says “71% of consumers who’ve had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.” This stat is extremely important when it comes to how you handle your social media pages. Regularly posting, responding to comments, and interacting is a great way to show your customer service.


No matter what kind of company you are, your current and potential customers use some form of social media. Over 3.2 billion people are on social media. This means you have endless opportunities to engage with them. According to Infusion Soft in 2018, 40% of users would prefer to spend more money on companies and businesses who are engaging on social media. From this stat it is easy to see how important engagement is to customers. Additionally, you see how important it should be to your company. Without having social media accounts for your business or proper social media participation, your company could be missing out on many business opportunities.


According to Oberlo, 500 million users are active on Instagram every day. Additionally, users spend an average time of 53 minutes in the app every day. With the amount of time users spend on just this platform alone, your company is sure to make an impression in some way or another. Your company should be leveraging the potential of this platform sooner rather than later. This means the content you are posting must be interactive and specific to your target market. With Instagram becoming such a powerful platform, it should not be overlooked.

Overall, social media is becoming a necessary part of all company’s marketing strategies. With so many active users worldwide, your company should be using these networks to grow your brand and your business. The stats above reiterate how important social media can be to your company’s success. If your company needs help with your corporate social media presence and management, call OneCom Media & Marketing today!