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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

There’s a reason why the Yellow Pages directory and newspapers have shrunk to about a quarter of their size in the last few years.  Those tired, old advertising workhorses can’t offer the many benefits digital media can. No traditional marketing can. Digital marketing is all about timely and nearly instantaneous communication through digital channels online.…

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The Basic Checklist for Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising isn’t the wild frontier it was just five years ago, but many advertisers are still shooting in the dark. We can all agree a business needs to be online with at least some of its messaging. As of last year, only 13% of Americans weren’t using the internet. Unless those few make up…

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Should you be on the first page of Google results?


 YES! The word sitting on its own line in all capital letters followed by an exclamation mark should be a clue to how vitally important it is for your business to appear in the top ten search results. This applies to all search engines, not only Google’s. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) that brings your…

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