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Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when television ads used to require a major chunk of a business’ digital marketing budget. With the progress of the various digital and social media platforms, it’s no wonder that digital marketing has become as important as it has. When it comes to the development of a digital marketing strategy for…

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Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

When you talk about startups, there is a dire need for them to make their presence in the market felt, right? Well, an effective digital marketing strategy can help them in doing just that. Here’s how a sound digital marketing strategy can help your startup: A Clear Direction What is the advantage of having a…

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Should you be on the first page of Google results?


 YES! The word sitting on its own line in all capital letters followed by an exclamation mark should be a clue to how vitally important it is for your business to appear in the top ten search results. This applies to all search engines, not only Google’s. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) that brings your…

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Social Media Marketing: Little Things That Deliver a Huge Impact

Social Media Marketing

Social media dominates the marketing world, forming an integral part of your advertising campaigns.  Obviously, the results aren’t immediate, but once you start getting them, you’d really relish in them. However, one wrong move can completely mar your online reputation. Here are some tips that would help you play your cards right. Listen Post or…

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5 Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking


Finally, your website is complete! For you, this was the final piece of the puzzle. You run a successful business with high profit margins. Your company is doing quite well. and you didn’t even have a website.  Your customers have been asking you for months and months, Why don’t you have a website? Well you…

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