The Basic Checklist for Digital Advertising

Digital advertising isn’t the wild frontier it was just five years ago, but many advertisers are still shooting in the dark. We can all agree a business needs to be online with at least some of its messaging. As of last year, only 13% of Americans weren’t using the internet. Unless those few make up the totality of your business’s audience, you need to adjust your aim and start hitting your targets.

Here’s a checklist to help you cover the basics.

Do you talk the talk?

If you’re new to digital advertising, just the jargon can knock you silly. Here are four links to guide you to fluency in Digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and all those dang acronyms.

Do you have a website?

It’s amazing how many brave spirits are ready to dive into digital marketing with little or no online presence themselves. Websites are a must and come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. I humbly suggest you start here for straight-forward advice on building your website. The strategies behind a successful website are complex and don’t come in a simple box.

Are you social?

Social media isn’t just for selfies and posting key lime pie recipes. Your business needs to be a part of the conversation if only to hear what your target audience is saying. But there is so much more your business can do. Start here for an overview. Then go here for—dare I say it again?—straight-forward help in making it happen. The longer you stay out of social media, the more invisible you become. (Please, don’t be invisible.)

Do you understand the challenges?

Do-it-yourself website providers are cheap and easy, but as with all cheap-and-easy things, they come with problems, some catastrophic. Limited functionality, SEO shortfalls, security issues, mobile responsiveness and many other issues need to be considered. If you’re going to be online, be on-the-money. Which begs the question…

Can I afford a successful website?

Now here’s a demon we all know (and hate). COST. There’s no saying it nicely. You get what you pay for, but…you don’t have to pay for more than you need. Whether you consider us or another website builder, do some research into whom you can trust to use your dollars wisely. Nobody should promise anything to you, until they know you, your business and your goals.

What kind of content do I need?

More than cost, CONTENT is the big question. Thought leaders and those wanting to become thought leaders should be flooding the internet with content that keeps them bobbing up in searches for knowledge, quality, and trustworthiness. But that often comes with a dizzying price tag. Your business most likely needs basic content, like website copy, blog articles, newsletters, or other messaging forms that start small and grow with you.


Digital marketing is a shapeshifting beast that requires an expert to ride herd on it, so it doesn’t do more damage to your marketing than good. This checklist is only a primer. We hope you’ll use it to make your first, vital decisions on where to go digitally and whom to take you there.

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