Traits of a Successful Website Design Company

Authentic, honest, and empathetic. No, we are not talking about Mother Teresa. Believe it or not, we are talking about characteristics of a good website design company. Not to be over sensitive, but these are truly distinct qualities you should look for in your website development company. You might be reading this article because you are looking for a website for yourself or your company. If nothing else, proceed with caution when determining which company you want to work with. If it’s going to be a successful relationship, it’s going to be a long-lasting relationship. Recognizing these powerful characteristics will make it easier to select the correct website design company for you and your business.


You want a company that is credible. One of the main items that makes a website interesting is unique content. Content is one of the main factors that will keep your website fresh and original. If your websites design company isn’t authentic, chances are your content and most of the graphics on your website will be phony and forged. Hopefully you are now thinking about how you can figure out if a company is authentic or not. Ask for some of the websites they have already done. Reading through some of their existing content on their website and their customer’s websites will give you a better idea of how authentic they are. Finding a few misspelled words or grammar mistakes might actually be a good thing, at least you know they didn’t copy and paste! That was sort of a joke, sort of not. You get the point though, original content will benefit you in the long run. Google picks up on pure, authentic content


It seems fairly simple to expect your website design company to be honest. It’s not that simple, there are a lot of dishonest, deceptive website design companies. 60% of consumers reported that after a year they were dissatisfied with their website design company. Don’t fall into that 60%, make sure you can trust your website design company. Make sure they back up what they are selling to you. Be highly cautious if you are paying all the money up front. For example, OneCom Media makes you pay half the money up front and half the money when the website is complete. Guess who gets the final say when their website is complete? The customer of course.  There are certain website design companies that won’t deliver on the exact website you want if you pay them up front. They lose motivation and quite honestly don’t care about the completion of your website. In their mind, you already paid them so they move on to the next sucker. This might sound a bit harsh, but these are things you have to look out for! An honest website development company will be upfront with you. They will tell you what has and hasn’t worked with previous clients. Instead of the “We can do anything for you attitude”, it’s the honest, realistic approach that will positively effect your website.


It’s highly important to find a website design company that understands your company. You will come to find that many website design companies have all of the answers and none of the questions. Yes, we are professionals and we are here to answer any questions for you. However, each customer is unique. Each customer has a specific niche that drives their company. Ultimately, your niche must be reflected on your website. Understanding what intrigues your customers and what drives sales for your company will firmly enhance the quality of your website. Don’t fall for the generic “we know it all” attitude, website developers are consistently learning new concepts and ideas from their customer’s business.

In Conclusion

Look for these characteristics when choosing your next website provider. There is a lot that goes into creating a great website, by recognizing these traits it will make the process much easier for you. In the world of website development there are a lot of bad apples in the tree. Eliminating the bad ones will make your choice much clearer and in the end make the process painless and straightforward.

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