Video Marketing Perks

From the emergence of television, brands have been using video marketing to increase sales. Why? Because it works. Video content allows consumers to envision themselves using your product. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to convey emotion you cannot show through other means. Those are just some of the video marketing perks of utilizing video in your digital marketing plan.

Nowadays, video marketing is easier and more affordable than ever. Gone are the days of having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to produce a TV spot and then thousands more to run it on local channels, just hoping that the right consumer would be watching. We have now entered the age of digital marketing—where content can be strategically shown to only your target audience through keywording and search engine optimization. This targeting is crucial to protecting your return on investment and generating valuable leads; it makes every advertising dollar spent more effective.  However, this process takes skill and planning to be properly utilized. By learning these video marketing perks, you can see how it benefits your business.

What Makes a Quality Video?

Video marketing should pay for itself with new sales. Getting results through video is about more than simply having videos online. It requires extremely high-quality video content. Everything that you post on the internet represents your brand’s image; it shows who you are. If a brand has high quality, professional looking videos, it elevates their customer image. If a brand has a subpar video, it can be detrimental to business and consumers will not take you as seriously as they should. It is essential to make your brand stand out from the rest—and having the best video around will do just that. Invest in your success!

One of the key elements to a great video is production value. This means having crystal clear sound, quality lighting, engaging camera angles, camera movements, and memorable motion graphics and titling. A good video should never just be the boring, infamous “talking head,” that’s so commonly found on the internet. There must be b-roll (cinematic videos of your product, service, or location) filling the majority of the screen time. Having these elements will make your video memorable and catch the attention span of its viewers.

Another element critical to corporate videos is commercial licensing. When using background music in a video designed for business use, you need to have a commercial license for each track. While it may seem tedious, having the proper licensing can save you from potentially catastrophic legal consequences in the future. But don’t worry, OneCom can handle this all for you.

How Video Marketing Improves Your Business

According to Wyzowl, in 2020…

  • 83% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads.
  • 84% of consumers say that they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
  • 95% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

If you are not using video, you are missing out on video marketing perks. OneCom Media & Marketing is here to help with any of your video needs—in fact, digital marketing is our specialty. Let us craft you the perfect photo and video marketing campaign designed to not just look great, but to more importantly, get results. We can’t wait to see how your business will thrive! Give us a call today to set up a consultation. Don’t lose out on business- invest in video.