Building a Great Website Design

Need help building a great website design? In the business world, a great first impression serves as the difference between building a successful relationship with a client to having the client back out from the sale from the very start. Your company’s website is no different. By having an attractive, well-organized website design for your business, it automatically hooks consumers into reading more about your business and the products/services it offers.

By gaining more traction for your website, your business can increase its reach and targeted audience. When it comes to building a great website design, here are the six steps every business should follow to increase its online impact.

Create Appealing Visuals and Layout

When it comes to website design, staying consistent makes a great first impression. The first thing customers see when they visit your website are visuals and layout. When it comes to your website’s visuals and layout, this refers to the website’s structure, color scheme, font choice, advertisements, and anything else a person will see. Your website must stay consistent with your brand in order to reinforce the idea and thought of your business in the customer’s head.

A website with clean, sharp, and consistent visuals mean you’re one step closer to a great first impression on customers. However, sloppy, hard to understand visuals hurt your website’s chances of making a connection. It’s crucial to give a great first impression to potential customers.

Have Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that you’ve finished the layout and visuals, shift the focus to customers visiting your site. Search engine optimization is key. An unoptimized website means your target audience has a hard time finding the website. With efficient search engine optimization, your website starts to gain relevance on Google, Bing, and other search engines. From there, more customers will see the link to your site and be more likely to access it. By appearing at the top of online searches, your website increases its digital reach and helps your business increase its online traction.

With a correctly optimized website, your business can attract more customers. This leads to your website making a great first impression and become one step closer to closing the sale.

Produce Strong Content

Having a great layout and appealing visuals matters for a customer’s first initial reaction. However, after a customer progresses past the website’s layout and visuals, they will look at content next. A website’s content should be clean, sharp and consistent with your brand. Content should also be specific to the market/field the business is in. Additionally, the content should provide helpful insight for customers, be free of any grammatical and spelling errors, and have a clear call to action for potential customers.

Website content is so important because it lets you explain in your own professional terms what exactly your business does. When it comes to your customers, it should tell what desired action you hope for them to take. If the website’s content is hard to read and understand, then customers will not be able to fully grasp the ideas, products, and services your business is offering and will lead customers to not proceed and take any further action.

Create Easy Navigation for Customers

Once customers reach your website’s home page and want to learn more, then they will look at the other pages, tabs and aspects your website contains. Therefore, it is essential for customers to be able to easily navigate their way on your website in order for them to find the information or action they desire. When it comes to navigation, it should be easy and quick for a customer to go from page to page and explore the different parts of your website. It also means each tab, menu or sub-menu should be clearly defined and communicated to customers in order for them to quickly reach the areas of the website they desire to see and interact with.

If your website is not easy to navigate through, then this will deter a customer’s motivation to interact and proceed any further with the website.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Having an interesting website with proper optimization matters, as does ease of use and content. Now, it’s time to take the final step and make your website mobile friendly. In today’s world, the emergence and impact of smartphones have shaped the entire business landscape. The United States has over 211 million mobile phone search users in 2020 (16% increase from 2016). If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you alienate a large number of potential customers. Overall, it decreases your chance to make new buyer-seller relationships.

By having a mobile friendly and consistent website, your website’s reach and digital impact will increase and attract more of your targeted audience. Need help building a great website design? Contact the experts at OneCom Media & Marketing today.