How to Keep Your Website Healthy OneCom Media & Marketing

Keep your website healthy and working the way you need it to. With so many issues that can arise, most people strive to figure out how. At OneCom Media & Marketing, we take website health seriously. This article acts as a guide to help you in the long run.

Start With Strong Website Passwords

The easiest way to run into major issues fast is by having your website hacked. Most website hacks occur due to website passwords simply being way to easy to figure out. You have to use strong passwords. This is especially true for your admin password. Keep your passwords at least 8 characters long. Include both capitals letters and lower case letters. Add numbers. Even more importantly add symbols. Stay away from words and slogans. Never use your name in a password, and never make your password the word password. This is a sure fire way to run into issues.

Be Active & Monitor Website Activity

Schedule regular times to review your website to insure there are not any issues. Watch your code to makes sure there are no bugs. Watch the traffic logs to see if your admin areas is receiving an unusual amount of hits. This is a sign that your site may be under an attack of hackers trying to get into your admin.

Watch Your Website Speed

Always keep an eye on how fast you can open your website and go from page to page. This is all based on the server. You do not want your website to run too slow. Your readers do not want have to wait, and Google does not like website that take too long to open. Keep an eye on your speed. If there are issues check your server. Stay away from flash, as it slow everything down.

Stay On Top of Your Website Updates

Most website are built on a platform or backend of some kind. Each of these will do frequent software updates to relive bugs in their software, and to add security updates. It is imperative that you stay on top of updates and making sure they get done. These website require you to simply check a box and hit the update button. Make sure you stay o top of your updates for your website and the plugins your website uses.

Get Help If You Need It

It is up to you to manage your website and to watch for issues. It is also important to do the required upkeep and maintenance. If you do not have the time, skills, or desire, then simply reach out to us at support@onecommedia.com. We can help you set up a website maintenance plan to help you keep your website healthy.

To conclude, make a note of the above methods, and keep them handy in case you find your website having issues, and know we are always here to help you. Reach out to us when you’re ready to get started.