Website Design Checklist

Website design covers an extensive number of tasks. However, before those tasks start, you need to decide what you want your website to look like. To help with the process, OneCom Media & Marketing compiled a helpful website design checklist of items you will need. Gathering these items before any works starts ensures the design process goes smoothly.

Gather Necessary Passcodes

The first step on the website design checklist is logins. Having all your passcodes together makes the website design process much easier. When you have the correct username and passwords for your website, it means the process starts without emailing back and forth trying to figure out the correct information for the website. If we have the correct information from the start, the website design process goes much quicker.

Additionally, if you have any passcode-protected content on your website, we also need that information if we need to make changes to that content. Again, getting everything to us in a timely fashion helps move the process along at a quicker pace.

Organize All Assets

A picture is worth a thousand words. As cliché as the saying is, it holds true for website design. In order to have a website that pops, you need some photographs to go along with the text. No one wants to look at a website full of text. Having assets helps break up information and gives website visitors a break from reading. First, to start on your website, we need the photos right away. Even if they just act as placeholders, having photos, graphics, and other digital assets when website design starts helps a lot in the long run.

Assemble Content

Do you love the content currently on your website? Or is it the bane of your existence and want to switch things up? After gathering your passcodes and organizing your digital assets, we need to know about content next. Knowing whether the content is coming from your old website or whether you will provide new content helps us plan out your new website.

However, you do need to keep something in mind. Even if you love the old content from your website, it is important to know some small changes will happen. Before a website goes live, our website team makes sure the content is optimized for search engines. This crucial step makes sure your website gets noticed on the internet. Sometimes, we make small adjustments for search engines to recognize your content.

Know Your Audience

Finally, it is important to keep your audience in mind during all of this. Think about them as you plan new content or decide on digital assets. What works best for you may not work best for them. At OneCom Media & Marketing, our websites always keep the user in mind.

We need a lot of information to give you the best website possible. By following this website design checklist, you know you can pass along the best information to our website team. If you are looking for a professional website design agency, look no further than OneCom Media & Marketing. We have completed hundreds of websites for a variety of companies. Let us show you what we can do for your business. Contact us today.